Saturday, August 29, 2015

What to wear: Library

Kaixo everyone!

School just started! While undergraduates in Yik Yak rejoice over syllabus week and getting drunk seeing old and new friends, grad schoolers like me are thinking about ways to survive boost our productivity. For some odd reason, I have never been able to study in my own apartment since I started college. Seriously, until high school, my room was the greatest place to study ever, but since I started college, I spend my study hours at the library. Or the libraries, because the University of Illinois has a ton of them!

I usually go from class to the library, so that means I wear the same outfit I wear to class, which is usually put-together because as a TA, teaching in sweats is a huge no-no (like really, it's against the rules). However, when the weekend comes and I just feel lazy, I like to dress comfortably when I go to the library. Here's what I wear to the library:

In the morning:

Shorts: Nike // T-Shirt: Lauren James // Sneakers: Nike

I'm not a morning person AT ALL and I'd rather sleep in till 10am. But when there's work to do, you just have to, so I put on an oversized tee, norts and sneakers and I'm good to go. The less amount I spend getting ready for the library, the better.

In the afternoon/evening:

Jersey: Spirit Jersey // Yoga pants: Lululemon // Flip flops: Havaianas

Sometimes, I just can't get off bed, or I'd rather do laundry, cleaning and general housekeeping in the morning, so I study in the afternoon. For some weird reason, the library gets chillier in the afternoon (and no doubt in the evening) and I can't concentrate if I'm cold, so I wear my spirit jersey (if you don't have one, please get one. I thought it was some sorority girl uniform nonsense but OMG it's so comfy and perfect! Plus, it makes you look skinnier ;)), my Lululemon yoga pants (get a pair, I wear them all the time, and you can have them hemmed for free, which I did) and the sturdiest flip flops ever, my Havaianas Top.

With friends:

Jeans: Uniqlo // Top: Lush // Sneakers: Converse // Scarf: Tory Burch

I usually study alone, but if my friends and I meet up to study, or if I have some group work assignment, I like to look a little more polished, but I still keep it as simple as possible. White v-neck tee, jeans and converse, and a scarf to spice it up (plus if you are cold you can wrap it around. Win-win).

So this is basically what I wear to the library around this time of the year. How about you? Anything you recommend wearing?

- Ane


  1. Those outfits are really cute! Love the ideas!
    XO Alyson |

  2. Sounds just about like what I like to wear to the library :) SO comfortable! It seems like I'm basically going to live in the library this year so I'm going to need all the outfit inspiration I can get!