Saturday, August 29, 2015

What to wear: Library

Kaixo everyone!

School just started! While undergraduates in Yik Yak rejoice over syllabus week and getting drunk seeing old and new friends, grad schoolers like me are thinking about ways to survive boost our productivity. For some odd reason, I have never been able to study in my own apartment since I started college. Seriously, until high school, my room was the greatest place to study ever, but since I started college, I spend my study hours at the library. Or the libraries, because the University of Illinois has a ton of them!

I usually go from class to the library, so that means I wear the same outfit I wear to class, which is usually put-together because as a TA, teaching in sweats is a huge no-no (like really, it's against the rules). However, when the weekend comes and I just feel lazy, I like to dress comfortably when I go to the library. Here's what I wear to the library:

In the morning:

Shorts: Nike // T-Shirt: Lauren James // Sneakers: Nike

I'm not a morning person AT ALL and I'd rather sleep in till 10am. But when there's work to do, you just have to, so I put on an oversized tee, norts and sneakers and I'm good to go. The less amount I spend getting ready for the library, the better.

In the afternoon/evening:

Jersey: Spirit Jersey // Yoga pants: Lululemon // Flip flops: Havaianas

Sometimes, I just can't get off bed, or I'd rather do laundry, cleaning and general housekeeping in the morning, so I study in the afternoon. For some weird reason, the library gets chillier in the afternoon (and no doubt in the evening) and I can't concentrate if I'm cold, so I wear my spirit jersey (if you don't have one, please get one. I thought it was some sorority girl uniform nonsense but OMG it's so comfy and perfect! Plus, it makes you look skinnier ;)), my Lululemon yoga pants (get a pair, I wear them all the time, and you can have them hemmed for free, which I did) and the sturdiest flip flops ever, my Havaianas Top.

With friends:

Jeans: Uniqlo // Top: Lush // Sneakers: Converse // Scarf: Tory Burch

I usually study alone, but if my friends and I meet up to study, or if I have some group work assignment, I like to look a little more polished, but I still keep it as simple as possible. White v-neck tee, jeans and converse, and a scarf to spice it up (plus if you are cold you can wrap it around. Win-win).

So this is basically what I wear to the library around this time of the year. How about you? Anything you recommend wearing?

- Ane

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Surfing the Web VI

Out and about with friends in Champaign!
Kaixo everyone!
My apologies for not being in touch as much lately, but grad school, moving, getting used to a new routine and everything else have had me soooo busy this week! In any case, I have taken my time to browse the webs and find some cool articles and videos! Check them out!

30 Things To Do Instead of Falling Back in Love: Great ideas for a life refresher. I have some of those in my mind now :)

How Privileged Are You?: Take this buzzfeed quiz, it will surprise you (or not). I believe that we have to be aware of our own privilege, because let's face it, we are privileged, and denying that is ignorant and ungrateful.

Win Against Slut-Shaming: When a young lady was shamed for her outfit in the London tube, an old lady stood up for her and won me over. Old lady FTW. Seriously though, a slut is someone who has sex for money, not a girl who wears whatever she wants.

Miami Heat Audition: OMG. When I saw how this guy SLAYED his audition I had to watch it 10 times over. I wish I was such a good dancer...

26 Underrated Apps Every Twentysomething Should Download Right Now: I'm not one to buy all the apps ever, I like to keep my iPhone clean and organized, but some of these are awesome!! Period tracker? Sleep control? Where to go to pee when watching a movie????? I'm sold.

Chicago in the 1970s: This is the most obnoxious promotion of Chicago ever. I wish it were a little more diverse, but it's still fun to see altogether. Chicago >>>> any other city.


- Ane

Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day of School: OOTD and bits and pieces

Kaixo my dear friends!

First of all, I wanted to apologize for a lack of posting lately, but since flying to the US I haven't had the chance to stop: My day in Chicago, moving, getting the apartment ready... I got to Chicago at 2pm on Friday and after going through customs (BO-RING) and getting to my hostel I went shopping. Surprisingly (and fortunately for my wallet), I did not spend as much as I thought I would. I was looking for a specific pair of earrings that I didn't find anywhere (happy to announce that they are on my way from Neiman Marcus' website, holler!), which was a bummer, but I did find the other pair I was looking for, my first Kendra Scott earrings! The saleswoman let everyone in the store know it was my first pair. I got them through Color Bar, where you can customize jewelry. I got the Danielle earrings in magenta with silver metal tone. Gold doesn't look good on me and that's a truth I cannot escape.

Kendra Scott, 65$
I went to the new Vineyard Vines store to get a "I *insert whale* Chicago" tee, but I really wasn't very excited about it so I decided to save some money. Finally, I ended up in Nordstrom, and I got two very weird things to get there, in my opinion:

Nike, 30$
Betsey Johnson, 12$
Norts and a thong (sorry for being TMI about this but a) we all wear underwear and b) the pattern was too cute, sorry not sorry). And that was it. I was very surprised about it but considering I had just bought so much stuff at the After Party Sale I was fine with it. Also, I got all my items from the sale and they are beyond adorable!!

I finally wanted to show you my outfit of the day because today was the first day of school at U of I! First day of 19th grade!! (Man I am old and I've been in school for too damn long!) I was a little scared at first but it was overall a wonderful day!

I decided to keep it megasimple today, but I wanted to look chic too (duh!), so I paired a black trapeze dress with a light patterned scarf and black accessories. Wake up, #flawless.

All those trash bags in the background #glam

My thoughts on having homework already
Dress: Zara // Bracelet: Zara // Watch: Old // Earrings: Kate Spade New York // Wayfarers: Ray-Ban // Flats: Zara // Scarf: Lilly Pulitzer (old)

I am a little scared about how this year will go by, honestly, but I can only imagine it'll be better than last year :) How was your first day? What did you wear?


- Ane

Friday, August 21, 2015

Everything is gonna be alright

via The College Prepster


I honestly don't know how to go about this post. I wish it were some fun outfit or some sassy commentary on the most trivial of topics, but today is different. Today I leave home to embark on another year at the University of Illinois. It should be a day to rejoice, and everybody around me looks excited about going to Champaign, but I cannot help it, I'm absolutely TERRIFIED. Last semester was one of the biggest, if not the biggest, test of my life. I had started to suffer from anxiety and I obsessively tried to stop it while not being able to understand why it was happening and why it was happening to me. I started failing in my academics, my work became sloppy. My relationships with people became inexistent or negative, and the most meaningful relationship I had consumed me. I fell into depression, I lost my capacity to focus for 5 minutes straight and I started to see everything in a very pessimistic light. I didn't have friends. My family was an ocean away. I wasn't in love. I didn't feel anything. I couldn't talk to people without becoming overly anxious. I tried to fight my feelings and fears, and it took a turn to the worse. I started hating my studies, my situation, my loneliness. I started feeling completely detached from the things I loved to do, and the worst thing was that I was conscious of all of it happening and I couldn't do anything to solve it. I couldn't value how lucky I was having a stable job, being in such an exciting place, going to such a wonderful university, having somebody by my side, having friends who would listen to me cry for hours, having the most supportive family, and it killed me to be so selfish, so ungrateful, so guilty.

Who knows how, I finished my MA, but I lost the person by my side. It hurt. It still hurts. I came home crying, looking for solace. I hated the US, I hated the University of Illinois and I hated every place and moment that reminded me of all my suffering. I let my family and friends console me, I allowed myself to have fun and went out. I had friends listen to me and tell me they had gone through the same thing. I took a break. I still take medication and have trouble leaving the house, my safe haven, to go outside. Many times I wish I could leave and go home and cry. I've had many sleepless nights. I'm still not myself.

But that doesn't mean I won't get better. It may mean that I won't be able to build trust in a while. It may mean that maybe this is not my place. Heck maybe I shouldn't even be doing a PhD. But no matter what, I know that it's not the end of the world. I don't have to put myself under such pressure. Grad school is not my life, grad school is my job. I can learn to fall back in love with the country I live in, the amazing school that I go to and remember the places and moments where and when I've felt hurt. I can learn to love the only person I'll be with my whole life, myself. I can explore different possibilities, fail the heck out of them and be alright with it. I can. I can take life day by day. I can hope for the best. I can take chances, and maybe I can succeed. But if I don't, it'll be okay. I'm starting a new year at U of I, and I'm scared. But no matter what, nothing is eternal, nothing is binding. And everything is gonna be alright.


- Ane

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

OOTD: When your sister goes to(teal)ly crazy


After recovering from the LP sale, I am back to posting about my Lanzarote trip. I'll skip a couple of days to show you my last OOTD post of the trip and will finally tell you guys a short recap of my last days in another post.

Before I start, I want to assume that you have either watched or are fans of shows like ANTM or RuPaul's Drag Race. When I was younger, I used to love watching Spanish shows like that. The first one was "Supermodelo 2006", and I remember how they had to learn to walk on the catwalk, pose for pics, etc. The funniest part for me was when the photographer, a French dude called Rouzic who looks like Pitbull's doppelgänger, asked them to "give him more." The French accent and the girls' confused looks when he asked for it, and his really vague explanations of what he wanted topped the cake.

My sister and I were obsessed. When I told her about my blog and the pics, she went full Rouzic with me. Like literally took my camera and started snapping non-stop, moving around me and making me walk, jump, pose and all that jazz. The pics were hilarious, and I picked some of them for you:

She did take some artistic pics too though:

Dress: Local boutique (old) // Bag: Blanco (old, similar here) // Sunglasses: Nordstrom // Earrings: Kate Spade New York // Sandals: Les Tropezzienes par M Belarbi (French brand) // Watch: Fossil (old, similar here)

You can see that everything is repeated except for the dress. This teal dress has been a favorite of mine for a long time. I bought it in 2013 and it has been great for everything. It's cute enough for going out with friends, modest enough to teach in, and comfortable enough to do pretty much anything else. Besides, teal is one of the most fitting colors for any type of skin!

I have picked a handful of similar dresses for you to check out too. Find them herehereherehere, and here! Any other teal dresses you like? How do you like to style teal?

Finally, let me share a picture of my craziest photographer and me. I miss my sissy so much!


- Ane

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Eye mask from Zara Home (9,90$)
... and thank you. (The lack of proper blinds in the US is a problem for the international student in me, so better look like a princess to fight that! Also, Zara Home in the US? LOVE)

- Ane

Monday, August 17, 2015

The inner monologue of an After Party Summer Sale shopper

11 am: Today is the day. I have read about it in tons of blogs. I'm at GMT +1 time, so the sale starts at 2pm, 8am Eastern time. Awesome. I suppose I'll just browse. I mean, I'm planning on getting some Lilly stuff for when school starts. I'm not even there yet. But I could have it sent to my office. No one will steal that. After they stole that cute Tory Burch notebook I got, you never know. Thank God they returned it. I guess thugs aren't preppy.

12 pm: It's 6am in the US. 2 hours away. I need to go to the bank to do some stuff, I probably won't make it. I suppose it's fine. Is it? Ugh but what about that First Impressions scarf that I pinned yesterday? It's so pretty. I bet that if the sale was in real life I'd have to hit some people. Remember that the Target thing could've ended bad. #NeverForget.

1 pm: I assume that they'll have the spring collection in the sale. And part of the summer one. I don't know if I was a fan of the spring one. I mean, I got that spring Iona top and my graduation dress, but what about the rest? Hmm back to Pinterest again.

1:30 pm: 30 minutes for the sale. It's so close. I may have pinned that In the Vias dress. Oops. I'll sit close to the wi-fi router, just in case my internet crashes. OMG like in the January sale. Why did electricity have to go? That murfee was mine. :'( My mom is asking if I want lunch yet. Ermmm maybe later. But how later? What if I can't access the sale early enough? Like seriously, what a weird system they've put up this time. Imagine it crashes again. LOL.

1:45 pm: I opened multiple tabs, just in case. The Facebook page says to refresh it at 8 am. 4 tabs opened.

1:55 pm: Refreshed. Nope. K.

1:58 pm: Two minutes. Refreshed again. Still waiting. A little Facebook won't hurt.

1:59 pm: Refresh, refresh. I'm not the only one waiting for the sale. Refresh. Refresh. REFREEEEEESH. Lol nope.

2 pm: Refresh. Nothing. NOTHING? Refresh. YAY FINALLY.

2:01 pm: There's 21.380 people in front of me. Lol. EXCUSE ME? One hour of wait. Well it looks like I won't be able to get anything.

2:02 pm: I have an hour long wait. Welp this is exciting. NOT.

2:03 pm: Bye dress. OMG definitely bye First Impressions scarf. I have enough scarves anyway.

2:04 pm: Let's be honest, nobody has enough scarves. My mom has a hanger bursting of them.

2:06 pm: 19.000 people!!

2:07 pm: Lovely Michaela from The Monogrammed Midwesterner is in and offers to get me anything while she's in. So sweet. Also, apparently they play music. So solemn.

2:10 pm: I wonder how many things are gone.


2:16 pm: False alarm, one hour wait. But it's not moving.

2:20 pm: OMG why isn't it moving? It's been slowly moving. There must be a glitch. OMG don't people have jobs to go to? I'm starting work in a week, now that I remember. EW. Summer holidays for life, please and thank you.

2:24 pm: FINALLY MOVING! Down to 14000. Please don't stop.

2:32 pm: 12000! Maybe I should have some lunch. I'm hungry. But the router is in the living room. What if internet starts going slowly? Come on Ane you can do this. RESIST!

2:35 pm: 9000! Praise. The. Lawd!

2:37 pm: 7000. Wait no 5900. OMG TURBOLILLY. Broom broom!

2:40 pm: Only 4 minutes to go. Oh Jesus Christ protect me and my wallet. 3 minutes. 2. OMG. 1 MINUTE. Music plays. I'm in. I'M INNNNN. YESSSSSSSS!!!

2:41 pm: OK focus. Let's start with dresses. Some are already gone, wow. Aren't some dresses like 2 years old?

2:42 pm: NO WAY. The dress is still here! Sizes S and M available! What size am I? TrueFit says S. Yeah right, like my graduation dress. It said M, I picked S. I had 5 people see which one looked better.

2:43 pm: Reviews say it's snug in the shoulders. OMG I hate being between sizes. What if it's very tight? It looks tight on the girl. I don't want my butt and stomach protruding, thanks. All my dresses are size M. Trust your instincts, Ane, damn it!

2:44 pm: Ok it's in the basket. Let's see tops. Pretty. I like. There's my Iona shell. At least I know that's size M for me, like no doubt.

2:45 pm: OMG they have that beautiful navy Iona shell with flowers. Size M. Add to basket. NEVER F***ING MIND IT'S GONE. Now that makes me very sad. Like really sad. Anyway, moving on.

2:46 pm: Hey that boatneck top is cute. 29$, nice! Hmmm but I don't need it. Out of the basket.

2:48 pm: Accessories. Many and pretty. They have the iPhone 5/5s/5c wristlet! Mine is falling apart :'( In the basket.

2:50 pm: Oh shit I DIDN'T SIGN IN. Bye everything.

2:51 pm: Sign in. It remembers me thank god. Hello Ane! Why hello LP! Everything still in the basket YES! OMG not my old apartment's address. Did I keep my office address? YES IT'S THERE.

2:52 pm: Card is stored, they need the number. Run like Usain Bolt to my bedroom, come back. It's in.

2:53 pm: Review order. All good. Place order. Click. ..... Thanks for shopping with Lilly Pulitzer! YESSSSSSSSSSS MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlene Shift Dress (188$, 69$) // Let Minnow Wristlet (38$, 19$)

2:54 pm: I can't believe it. I got the dress I pinned and a future wristlet for my phone.

2:55 pm: Double checking shipping address. Everything is fine. YAYAYAYAYAYAYYYYY

2:56 pm: What if the dress is too big? Oh dear lord. Well it's done.

2:57 pm: I could have it hemmed. Or sell it. 400$. Lol jk. But it'd be sad if I had to.

2:59 pm: Asked coworker to keep an eye on my mailbox. She'll do. Absolute love.

3:00 pm: Stomach growling asking for help. Ok ok time to eat.

4:30 pm: How long will the line be?

4:45 pm: Everything cute is pretty much gone. Byeeee

5:30 pm: Waiting for other bloggers to inform. Check out Facebook site. Angry customers everrrrrrrywhere. Jesus ladies, it's not the end of the world.

5:35 pm: What would I do if I wasn't successful though...? LP SUXS FUGLY CRYIN. Ok no. I'd just save up. I'm a lady.

6:00 pm: I forgot about my future popover. Nooooo. I'll have to save. Or not buy it altogether. Will I be able to though?

6:30 pm: Last peek. Oh if only the line was like this at the beginning. Tops. I didn't get any tops. These would be good for going out. Size XXS. Like nope.

6:40 pm: Filter size M. OMG only two scarves left? The craziness.

6:50 pm: Hey this top looks like the kimono that got away. That kimono was pretty. Size M available. Hmmm. To the basket. Nah, back to your place. 148$ to 44$. Hmmmmm. Back to the basket. Check out. Yes? I could wear this to the bars. Party LP. Place order.

6:51 pm: OMG I DID NOT. WHYYYYYY. But it's so pretty. Well bye popover.

Rogan Halter top (148$, 44$)

6:53 pm: OMG I can't wait for this to arrive.

6:55 pm: I'm crazy. Crazy poor.

6:59 pm: Adding to my Self Control app. Block for 7 days.

7 pm: See you after my first paycheck this year Lilly P!


- Ane

Sunday, August 16, 2015

OOTD: Pink and green and every (touristy) thing in between


I wanted to show you one of my favorite outfits from my Lanzarote trip, which I wore to 3 of the most relevant touristic spots of the island: El jardín del cactus (it's a cacti garden!), Jameos del Agua (a huge underwater lake) and La Cueva de los Verdes (a cave created with the movement of lava where islanders used to hide from pirates).

Carelessly endangering my sensitive hands

Tunic: Alcampo (Spanish brand) // Shorts: J. Crew // Bracelet: Bimba y Lola // Bag: Blanco (old, similar here) // Sunglasses: Nordstrom // Earrings: Kate Spade New York // Sandals: Les Tropezzienes par M Belarbi (French brand)

This tunic has been my go-to this summer for pretty much everything: Beach, grocery shopping, drinks out with friends... It's so comfortable and pretty! It's from Alcampo, which is like... Spain's Walmart. No kidding. But I found it by chance and fell in love! A similar option would be this oneThe bracelet was a perfect addition from one of my favorite accessory stores, Bimba y Lola. Sometimes it's pricey but I like to check it out when sale season comes up! And before you think I'm a libertine butt-shower, let me tell you that I wore J. Crew chinos underneath, which are the best shorts ever (although sometimes I end up being the libertine butt-shower because it's too damn hot out, sorry not sorry).

This has nothing to do with the outfit but I do wanna show you some of the incredible cacti and formations I saw:

These look like brains... ew

Black flowers!

The visits were absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend them! And I highly recommend investing in a tunic, it's the best garment for summer!

- Ane

Friday, August 14, 2015

Organizing your backpack - Bloggers BTS


I am very happy to take part in the #BloggersBTS link-up by lovely bloggers Nicole from Empire Styles and Cathleen from Classy Cathleen this week! This link-up has different themes each week of August (I missed the first one, fashion, because I was on holiday gahhhh), and this week's theme is organization.

Now before you get mistaken and think that I'm a functional, organized, put-together adult grad school stud... LOL I can't, this sentence is too funny for me to write. I'm the opposite of an organized person, and I really struggle with dates to remember, things to do, and overall where my stuff is. Specially that last one. I seem to lose everything all the time. I lose my keys, my phone, my wallet inside my bag way too often. In fact, I've given up on large handbags just because I know it'll be 10 times easier to find my stuff in smaller bags. I mean, tote bags are a huge black hole with MAYBE one, or if you are lucky two little pockets, and that's all.

However, I cannot do that in school for obvious 1 million ton books, keys, lunchbag, pens reasons. I need space, and I need it very well organized. Surprisingly, in spite of the lack of organization in my life, I've found a system that works very well for me for when it comes to backpack organization!

The reason for this miracle is my beautiful, obnoxiously pink North Face Recon backpack:

Find it in Amazon
I have never been so in love with a backpack. Ever. I saw it in Christmas and I got it instantly. It is as pink as you can imagine and I love that it adds that fun touch to dull grad school life. As you can see in the pic, there are three main pockets: The back, middle and front pocket. I like to organize each one with a different function:

Back pocket: School

Macbook Pro: Apple // Agenda: Lilly Pulitzer // Pencil case: Roxy (similar linked) // Laptop sleeve: Kate Spade New York // Notebook: Flame Tree Notebooks

This pocket is the biggest one, and this is where I keep all my school supplies: My laptop and its sleeve are essential for me, I use my laptop SO MUCH. I don't want it to take a lot of space so this Kate Spade sleeve has been a lifesaver! I always keep my pencil case full to the brim with pens, pencils, etc., and Roxy ones have been my favorite since junior high. As for the planner, I'm still deciding on which print, but it's gonna be a Lilly P large agenda fo sho. I loved mine so far so I'll repeat again this year. Finally, since I only have 3 classes/seminars each semester (#gradschool), I use a small notebook to take all my notes. Binders are too heavy and they are very burdensome, eventually. Oh and I also keep the books here. Not linking them because I just don't wanna look at the prices and bury in financial misery yet (#buhbyemoney).

Middle pocket: Life and lunch

Food container set: Walmart // iPhone 5c: Apple // Wristlet: Lilly Pulitzer (similar linked) // Tumbler: Lilly Pulitzer // Keychain: Fanatics

I usually have lunch at my office, so a set of containers is always handy (I always carry one though, just in case you thought I was a container hoarder). The rest are just essentials: I carry my phone in my wristlet, where I keep my cards and money, a water bottle that I carry in one of the sides of the middle pocket, and even though it looks like a TFM (Total Freshman Move), I carry my keys in a lanyard that I keep in that pocket, because it's way easier to find them that way. Seriously, no need to have them an inch close to your neck, the freshman stigma will not follow you for the rest of your college days, trust me.

Front pocket: Toiletries

Hand cream: L'Occitane // Lip stain: Revlon // Foundation: Chanel // Mini toothbrush kit: Difresh

The front pocket is small, so I stick to the basics: Hand cream, lip stain and powder foundation for touch-ups and a small toothbrush and toothpaste for when I eat out, as well as feminine products and medicine. The pocket is small, but it can still hold all of this!

My life is definitely not organized, but whenever I go to school, this system makes my life a little easier. How about you? How do you organize your backpack?


- Ane

Thursday, August 13, 2015

OOTD: Maxi Love


I wanted to start my Lanzarote recap with an OOTD post, if I may! Now that I told my parents and sister about the blog I have three new photographers and they gladly help me out taking pics!

Well let me tell you something about Lanzarote: It's sunny, windy and looks like the moon. Seriously, it's a place of volcanic activity so the rock formations are crazy. Our 1 week holiday was either visiting natural places that are a result of the nature of the island (how freaking eloquent is this sentence?) or laying down doing nothing. Both work for me. Our first stop after getting there was Los Hervideros, which are odd underwater caves and cliffs that are shaped by the erosion caused by lava, and later on, we headed to a crater by El Golfo. It was really interesting to see those places and see how nature shaped the island.

As for my outfit, I was trying to pack super light (and as surprising as it is, mission accomplished!), so I packed mostly dresses and shorts, and in order not to get a cold (I got one on a flight from Phoenix to Seattle and it's in my Top 10 for the worst experiences of my life ever) I decided to put on a maxi dress and a kimono (which I didn't need later, too hot) and sandals. Easy peasy:

Dress: Modcloth (sold out, similar here) // Bag: Blanco (old, similar here) // Bangle: Zara // Watch: Fossil (old) // Sunglasses: Nordstrom // Earrings: Kate Spade New York // Necklace: Forever21 // Sandals: Les Tropezzienes par M Belarbi (French brand)

I fell in love with this dress when I saw it in Modcloth harder than I've ever fallen for a boy #trulyfe. The fit is great, the pattern is adorable and the small slits to the sides makes it so easy to walk in it. It's a winner. The accessories are all the same (lol, surprising right?) as usual. 

However, I wanted to give some honorable mentions: First of, my sunglasses are back in stock! Yayyy!! They were only 12$, so it's a steal! As for the bracelet, it's part of a set and I've been wearing it non-stop. Seriously, get it. And the sandals, I believe you can still get them in Amazon UK or Zalando UK, so if you come, do yourself a favor and get them. I'm a person who is never happy about how sandals look on me (seriously, I own a couple of pairs of sandals), and that's problematic. Except these sandals make my feet look sleek, they are beautifully crafted and incredibly sturdy. A+.

Finally, aside from the tourism and the outfit, I wanted to mention that I finally saw my little sister!! She's that super tan lady in the pics (please refrain yourself from the "café au lait" jokes, I get that I'm super pale, I really get it, thanks) who I couldn't wait to see. With me living abroad and with her having an internship for the summer when I'm home, our schedules have definitely conflicted lately, but I finally got the chance to bug the heck out of hang out with her! A sisterly bond is one of the best bonds, don't you think?

So that's all for today, I will soon continue with my Lanzarote adventure! :)

- Ane

P.S: I finally booked my Chicago day-trip, I'll get there August 21st! Get ready bank account!