Saturday, January 26, 2019

Feel-good pinks

Kaixo everyone,

Long time no see! I have obviously been MIA. I am currently in my 4th year of the PhD program, and last semester I passed my dissertation proposal defense, making me ABD (All But Dissertation). While I would love to be wearing my pretty pink outfits out, it's mostly been a black sea in the midst of snow and ice, which is, truth to be told, hella depressing. I have been in a funk recently, and today, when I got home, I started to think about the things that would make me feel better by wearing them. Pink, preppy and pretty are my three feel-good Ps. Here are my picks:

Clockwise from left to right:
J. Crew Long Sleeve Dress in Peony: I am not one to be a big fan of J. Crew dresses, because for some reason they are all so... shapeless. This one however, caught my eye in a way that I would love to have it and be a functioning adult with it.
BaubleBar Bow Drop Earrings: Let me preface this for these earrings (and for the rest of the post) that I am not the biggest fan of gold. I love gold accents in my home, but not on my skin. However, could these be the long-awaited exception to the norm? Bows give a delicate and feminine touch to any outfit, and right now, that touch makes me happy.
Lilly Pulitzer Elanie Dress: I am happy to report that after a while not feeling Lilly Pulitzer, it seems to have come back. Not for prints, but their solid dresses are well, damn solid. This dress would be incredible for a wedding.
Gucci Mini GG Marmont Shoulder Bag: LMAO for affordability, but damn I would rock this baby if I could.
Lilly Pulitzer Allyson Dress: This is my favorite item on this list hands down. No need to be partial, it is. Reasons why: a) It's fit and flare (like 4/5 dresses on the list), the dress type that fits me best, b) it is not too short for my 5'8ft body, which is something Lilly should work on pronto, c) THE COLOR. The Elanie dress is stunning, but the color on the Allyson is out of this world. I seriously considered buying it, but at the price point, I decided not to. Like my friend Anna said, Alexa, play Pretty Hurts by Beyoncé.
Yves Saint Laurent Heart and Arrow Rouge Volupte Shine Collector Lipstick: Well damn that's a mouthful. I have a never-ending collection of lipstick, but this would be perfect for a gift or to reverse-Marie Kondo my bathroom.
Gal Meets Glam Collection Edith Dress: I think a lot of Julia Engel's dresses are too old-time for me, but this dress could be lightened up with some fun accessories, my white Converse, a denim jacket and a smile. I dig it.
Lilly Pulitzer Cascading Petals Earrings: When I saw this on the web, I fell in love. When I saw them on a model though, they were bigger than I thought. I will probably have to see them in person, but the idea is very cute and they would complement my extra persona really well.
Gal Meets Glam Collection Zelda Dress: Another Julia Engel piece that puts me in a romantic mood and makes me wonder about Jane Austen's novels. Although Jane Austen did not write about love, she wrote about finding a husband. One of my favorite literature professors from my undergrad who sadly passed away on Christmas Eve said it, and I will never forget that.
Kate Spade New York Glitter Heart Phone Case for iPhone X, XS and XR: I recently got an iPhone XR, so this cute case would be a nice addition. Kinda cheesy, but it goes well with all the other options on this list.

There is no particular reason that I compiled these things other than the fact that it made me feel good to look at this aesthetically pleasing image. I probably will not buy any of these things (the Allyson dress though... ugh so hard), but I just sat down to write this, did it in one sitting, and I feel good and less funky after it. That should be the point of blogging, after all.

- Ane

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Bucket List Wishlist: Luxury Everyday Classics

Kaixo everyone,

I hope y'all are doing great. I am currently super stressed out with my qualifying papers, but it is grad school and I signed up for it. #yagirlsgotknowledgecauseshegotintocollege

As most of you know, I am an avid shopper. I live for day-long shopping trips and online sales (only when they have free shipping). However, something has gotten into me recently. A couple of weeks ago, I was overwhelmed with how cluttered my closet was. So many t-shirts, dresses, pants, etc. that I did not wear. I put them all in a bag, and I decided to go sell them. As some are pretty old, I did not sell them all, but it made me start to think about the changes I am making (and hope to make) to my style.

During Christmas break, I chopped my hair off. Easily 8 inches. I haven't had my hair this short since I was 7 years-old. Let me tell you, I LOVE IT. I feel more mature, self-assured, serious and classy. I feel older. With that, a lot of the things I have in my closet right now remind me of a younger, less confident version of myself. At times, I started buying things because they were in, but I did not feel 100% comfortable in them. That super fitted short Forever 21 floral dress? LOL never been worn. 

Recently, I came to terms with the fact that classy silhouettes, easy white tops and regular jeans are what works best for me. However, there is always a little crazy, young, free spirit in myself, and that is reflected on the fact that having that right make it or break it piece is a must. That piece that compliments the rest of my outfit, but makes me (and the people around me) say whoa.

I have tried to look for that kind of piece for years, but I eventually always buy something impulsively and get tired of what I thought was "the best purchase ever." A couple of Teen Vogue issues ago, there was an edit called something like "The Classics", and talked about those pieces that have been around forever and NEVER go out of style. Some of them are just not gonna happen with me (like those Adidas tracksuits, sorry not sorry), but it clicked that some of them could be that extra *POP* that I've been looking for. 

There are some iconic pieces by some designers that I've been wanting for SO LONG (I don't mean months, I mean years), I know they would get used over and over. Also, they are hella expensive and if you are not gonna wear it until its demise, why buy it? The list I've compiled below are some of the things I would like to own one day, but that I am also sure that I will be able to wear in my everyday (and night) life. So uncomfortable, unwearable stuff will not be included. Example: The Pigalle Louboutin pumps are really cute, but everybody swears they are the most uncomfortable shoes on earth. Not worth the investment. 

Adding to all of this, I have started a month-long shopping fast. I started on Valentine's Day, and I plan not to buy anything online or in store (food not included, my belly needs Chipotle) until March 14th. Not buying random stuff I don't need will make a splurge on one of the items below more rewarding. With that, I will also include the prices below, so that I get ready to save up (and cry in despair!). Here are the pieces that are in my wishlist:

Clockwise from left to right:
Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Handbag: (1260$) This is the kind of bag I want for when I get my first big girl job, or graduation itself. I can imagine myself going to teach, to have coffee with friends, to meetings, to go shopping with this bad boy. I would definitely choose the Monogram material with the beige lining. I am not a big fan of large logos, but the LV one is an exception. A huge plus is the pochette inside it. Don't want to go out with the full bag? Take the pochette out and be the baddest bitch you've ever wanted to be.
Burberry Check Wool Cashmere Scarf: (435$) I am proud to say that my scarf collection is one of my best style assets, and that I use all of them all the time. Considering this, I am ready to take the plunge in the most iconic scarf of all time. Did you know that this scarf is so popular because in 1967, the store manager of the Paris store styled the trench coats at the display show the interior lining, and everyone went nuts about it? Now you know!
Gucci Double G Buckle Belt: (550$) Gucci is the most disco designer brand for me, and this belt would make my bougie self the most bougie gal in town. I would not wear this to formal meetings, but it would be the ideal piece for when I go out with friends. I know that the gold metal one is more iconic, but I am faithful to silver (and gold makes me look cheap, let's be honest).
Cartier Love Bracelet: (6300$) The most expensive item on this list, and kinda luckily, the last I would buy anyway. If I had all the disposable income in the world, I would get this. But I do not plan to save for it like for the other items in this list. Pretty, understated, and forever.
Barbour Beadnell Waxed Jacket: (399$) This is the preppy staple par excellence, the kind of coat you'd wear to reach that KJP Instagram aesthetic. As the Basque Prep, I approve. You can get inside lining too for the colder months (#winning).
Chanel 2.55 Handbag: (5300$) The item that's been in my wishlist for longer. Probably since I was 15. The quilting, the color, the silver... It's the perfect bag for me. I will probably not be able to afford it in years, but I plan to save up for it. When I have the money, I will go to 31, Rue Cambon (which I visited this Christmas, it was dreamy. Shout out to Danielle, vous êtes la meilleure!) in Paris and cry happy tears when I leave the store with it.
Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Pumps: (995$) Carrie Bradshaw. Enough said.
POLO Ralph Lauren American Flag Sweater: (145$) The cheapest item of the list, and probably the one I'll buy first. Although this is not a top tier designer label (Ralph Lauren Collection would be that), it is still an American powerhouse that we all love. I am not very happy with the current political climate in this country (disclaimer, it's my blog, and if I want to talk politics, I will, so before you cut me off, know that I won't budge on this), but I have lived in this country for very long, and this sweater is a very classy way of showing the US some love without being tacky.
Chanel Ballet Flats: (750$) I am still not sure if I'd go for the two tone or the black flats, but as a sucker for ballet flats, these are the ones. The epitome. The elongated shape is that of what ballet flats should look like, and they can make any outfit 200% classier. If I don't get the Louis Vuitton bag, these will be my graduation present to myself.

So all this designer glam comes with the hefty price tag of 16,134$. My salary. Excuse me, I have something in my eye. The good thing is, apart from the Cartier bracelet and the Chanel handbag, it's 4534$. Little by little, I could start my luxury collection.

So now it's your turn! Which are your wishlist items? Would you like to start a collection of designer items? Let me know!

- Ane

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Black Friday (& Cyber Monday) Haul

Kaixo everyone,

Once in every blue moon, I write here, and I write about fashion. And the best deals. Those two things were combined this weekend in the most absolutely wonderful melée. I spent Friday in Chicago, my favorite city, and went to a myriad of stores to get some before Christmas shopping. I usually buy stuff for my family on Black Friday, but this time, it was basically all about myself. Oops!

In my defense, though, a) I needed some retail therapy, b) some of the deals were too good to be true, c) I invested in basics/classics. What do I mean by basics? Anything that I wear on repeat, all day, everyday. What do I mean by classics? Well, not your grandmama's pearls, but almost.

1) Tory Burch Laila Driver Ballet Flat: I'm wearing these as I write to the void we speak. November means Tory Burch for me. Why? Because it's my birthday month. In your birthday month, Tory sends you a 50$ off 100$. Did you get that? 50 freaking dollars off 100 dollars. I started looking for possible presents for myself and I bound up finding these flats. Now question though, what in tarnation are driver ballet flats? And why would I need them, not having a car here in the US?

Well let me tell ya, they were discounted, the suede material is dreamy, and the sole is 10 times better than the Minnie sole. I love my Minnies, but I'm always scared the sole will rip in the middle any minute. Bonus, Tory Burch sent me a pink envelope (what is that?), that is, a 50$ gift card. I combined my birthday promotion and the gift card and I got these flats under 50$. Not even kidding.

Find them here
2) Lululemon Extra Mile Reflective Tights: My Lululemon Wonder Under tights were pretty old, and they kept falling down. I have recently started training for a half marathon, and the old ones didn't cut it. So I went into the Lululemon store, and saw they were having markdowns for Black Friday, and these tights were designed for running. Plus, they were 50$ off! They are not available in the US, but you can find similar ones here.

3) Jewelry: One of my good friends is getting married, and her engagement party is coming up! I already have the dress, but new jewelry was definitely needed. J. Crew had a 40% promotion (and this bracelet was on sale already), I had a 25$ off birthday discount at Madewell (so I didn't pay anything!), and half off at Kendra Scott, so I stocked up! Plus, Forever 21 had the cutest (and cheapest) rings ever!

J. Crew Bracelet (here), Madewell Earrings (here), Kendra Scott Necklace (here)
Forever 21 Rings, find them here and here

4) Anthropologie Velvet Clutch: Nothing about this clutch seems basic or classic, but a monogram is both. I peeked this beauty some weeks ago, so when I saw it at the store (at 30% off!), I went for it! Cannot wait to style it in dates (yeah, that ain't happening) nights out.

Find it here

5) GAP Turtleneck Sweater: Lately, I feel drawn to neutrals and dark colors (#fallwinter), so this light sweater, at half off, was perfection! Plus, the frills are adorable!

Find it here
6) American Eagle Outfitters Jeans: I went to Uniqlo to find jeans but honestly, the line was so long I was not about to have it. Thus, I trusted my dearest AEO jeans. Find them here.

7) Lilly Pulitzer Popover: This was probably my biggest splurge. I honestly did not need this. I don't even know how it will go with my outfits. But my sister had gotten me a gift that didn't fit well, I had a gift certificate and I saw it and fell in love. This particular print is part of the Prints With Purpose collection, and part of the proceeds will go towards the Jane Goodall Institute (hence the chimps!). There were Cyber Monday gifts going on, and I took advantage (BUT! I won't jinx it like last year and I'll try to avoid a similar situation to the #totegate)

Find it here (picture by @emilydelong)
This was basically my Black Friday and Cyber Monday haul! I don't think I'll be buying anything else anytime soon, but I am very happy I got all these beautiful pieces and did not go over my budget. How about you, what did you get this weekend?