Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Lilly Pinks

Kaixo everyone,

Summer is upon us, and while I love the nice weather and the relaxation, I find summer the most difficult season to dress up and look elegant! A nice scarf or a structured blazer in any other season can up any outfit, but what can you do when you wanna look bad and boujee and it's a million degrees out? LILLY!

While I have shared my concerns over the brand's direction before, it still remains true that Lilly Pulitzer is a fantastic brand to look pretty and whimsical in the summer months. Recently, Lilly has been rocking it with their pink prints! I could see myself wearing any of these:

Clockwise from top left:
Amelia Island Tunic: Tunics such as this one are the perfect summer alternative for structured clothes that we usually only resort to in other seasons. Linen is light and breezy, so it's a great summer fabric! However, be wary, it wrinkles easily!
Mila Stretch Shift Dress: Mila dresses are usually very short, but since Lilly now offers different lengths in some of the prints, prospects are looking up! Ayeeee
Faye Skort: Seersucker is the perfect summer print, and skorts are great to tan your legs without accidentally mooning anyone. Win-win.
Elsa Silk Top: I own two Elsa tops, and it's been a hit and miss. The first is still going strong and the colors are still vibrant. The second, however, suffered major color bleeding when I hand washed it. I'm really conflicted because I absolutely ADORE this print. It is one of my favorites in years, and should it be available in the next APS, I would pull the trigger.
Amber Lynn Sandal: I'm sure that these are not the most comfortable with the lack of platform and the high heel, but PINK GINGHAM SANDALS. Praying they are available during the APS.
Dusk Strappy Silk Dress: Toile prints are some of my favorite, and I would get this dress hadn't I just gotten another pink shift with a toile print.
La Fortuna Off-The-Shoulder Top: I just ordered this and it's coming my way! Can't wait to wear it!

All in all, I would definitely consider getting the La Fortuna top (already did!), the Elsa top and the sandals.

Which are your Lilly summer picks? What styles do you tend to gravitate towards? Let me know!


- Ane

Tuesday, July 2, 2019


Gingham PJ set from Women's secret, 11.99€
... and thank you. Sale season is in full swing in Spain, and I am fully taking advantage! When I saw this gingham set at such an amazing price, I knew I had to have it for those hot summer nights. This is what preppy dreams are made of!

- Ane

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Nail Polish Essentials Vol. II

Kaixo everybody,

As I spend my morning sipping tea and watching Netflix and retouching my nails, I have come to the realization that from back when I wrote about my nail polish essentials of 2015, I have only consistently returned back to two of them! Merino Cool and the All in One base coat and top coat are still going strong. I don't feel as passionate about the former as in 2015, but it's still a nice demure color that I use in the fall. However, my other choices have changed. Not because I didn't like those shades (I'm looking like crazy for Pansy), but they did their job and I can find something better.
Here are my current choices from Essie:

From top-left to bottom-right:
- Midnight Cami: The one I have had the longest, this shade is great for fall and winter. Now that I'm in Spain for summer, I didn't bring it, but it's easy to apply and easier to fix.
- Play Date: This one I don't have anymore (because it got destroyed on my trip to Costa Rica, RIP), but good lord, I could NOT STOP LOOKING AT IT. This is one I'm planning to get again eventually.
- Forever Yummy: I had A-List for a while (also got destroyed on a trip, wtf) and when deciding for a new red shade, I went with this one. I try to get a darker shade of red to complement my fair skin, and this one is great!
- Bikini So Teeny: If this isn't the most basic Essie shade there is, lmk lmao. My sister loves it, and I like it a lot better than Borrowed and Blue, but I'm pretty sure that once I'm done with it I'll go for a shade that's darker.
- Ballet Slippers: This one doesn't look great on my skin, is kinda difficult to apply because it's a tad sheer, but the QUEEN wears it and that's enough for me to love it. More than Fiji.
- Lovie Dovie: I literally just bought this, but so far so good! I was looking for some Barbie pink, and in the absence of Pansy, this will do!

While this seems an ad for Essie, I gotta say that I just really love the colors and the brand!! However, I do have favorites from other brands too!

- O.P.I. Black Cherry Chutney: I got this one from a hair styling set, and honestly, it has the best formula ever, and it can go on for weeks, unchanged. I love wearing dark hues like this, particularly in colder temperatures. I did bring it back to the Basque Country with me for the summer, though!
- Chanel Fiction: I got this one on a whim from a store that was closing for good, and I am honestly pretty pleased. The formula isn't fantastic, and I doubt that I would purchase this full-price, but it's a nice color for my current collection!

Anddd this is it for my 2019 nail obsessies (lol I HAD TO, K?) so far. There are some colors in my radar right now, but I'll probably get them once I get back to the US.


- Ane