Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bargain Fashion Successes + Spring Break Travel Plans!

Kaixo everyone,

Long (very long) time no see! I would like to apologize for this hiatus without blogging, but school has been stressful and at night, the only free time I have for blogging, I only felt like watching some Netflix and sleeping.

This month was clearly eventful in the fashion area for me. I went back to participate with the UIUC chapter of the National Retail Federation, where I'm part of the engagement committee, but mostly, a whole new world of possibilities opened up to me via two platforms: eBay and Poshmark. I had bought things in eBay before, but I tried to steer away from bidding, as it's a binding contract, and you do not want to find yourself paying way too much for something because of the adrenaline rush to win the bid. As for Poshmark, I had heard of it before, but very vaguely. I honestly started looking once my officemate Megan told me she was actually selling some clothes, and considering the amount of clothes that I do not usually wear, I thought I may give it a try. So far I am very pleased!

My eBay bidding has been limited to a handful of things, but I usually dropped the race right when the prices started to be obnoxious. Speaking of obnoxious, for all of you Lilly fans, this Dark 'n' Stormy shift sold for almost 600$. Desperate, materialistic and unnecessary, in my opinion. It is definitely a beautiful print, but 600 dollars? Crazy.

This actually happened
Crazy. However, my success in eBay has been more economically fruitful, and waayyy cheaper! My first eBay win went as follows:

Some day in February:
- 17:00 (aprox): Oh damn that scarf... wait I posted it on my blog, it's this beauty I would wear to the library (as said here).

17:15: 25$ bid? I'm bidding. (Stays like this for two more days until the final day)

Two days later:

18:00ish: I'm grading exams, it's boring, let's see how the bidding goes. 27$? Um bid. 28$ yas.
18:50: Still same woohoo. Ends at 19:15 let's get ready.
19:05: 10 minutes, still hasn't changed.
19:10: Still same.
19:13: OMG.
19:14: 29$? OMG BACK OFF BIATCH 32$
19:15: Congratulations, you just won the Tory Burch scarf!

10 minutes and 4$ shipping later, it was coming MY WAY!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYYYYYYY!! I fist bumped the air in the library while some people looked at me like wtf and loved my life. The times I've worn it, not only have I felt like a princess, I looked like it, and gosh it's so soft and cuddly!

Fast forward two weeks. I need a brown bag. Poshmark is offering some really nice Tory Burch bags (ugh obsessed with the brand), but they are either too expensive for a second hand bag or destroyed. eBay is offering one for bidding, pretty cheap. It was 50$ at first. And the bidding ended at 6:30am in three days.

Fast forward to 6:30am three days after, and it had come to 120, but I got it for 141$! Success!!!! I love it (it's in perfect condition), and I slept like a queen after winning that bid. While it is true that 141$ dollars for a handbag is rather pricey, the original price was 350$, and being Tory Burch, a highly coveted brand among American millennials, I believe that in the case that I would decide to sell it again, I could still get some revenue from it. It was a bargain for Tory Burch and an investment! :)

Poshmark has been a great discovery for me. As I mentioned before, I started selling my unused stuff when my friend Megan told me about it. While you really cannot make much profit (considering 20% of it goes to Poshmark and the shipping fees deter many customers), I have found it to be a very welcoming community. People share and like like crazy! While my intention was only to sell, I ended up shopping way more than I thought I would (oops). I got this NWT Lilly skort and Lululemon headband I had coveted when one of my students had it. Definitely great bargain fashion successes, considering I had not tried the skort on (perfect size, yay!) and the image for the headband was just okay.

Luckily, I have also been able to sell one thing! The Lilly for Hope bangle made for the American Cancer Society, which was my first Lilly buy ever. Unfortunately, it was too big for me, so I did not wear it much. Seeing my first Lilly piece go was somewhat sad, but I am happy to report that it ended in good hands, a recent cancer survivor! Serena, if you are reading this, you are gonna rock this bracelet! :)

If you would like to check out my Poshmark closet, feel free to do so at:


So that's my month in terms of fashion. In terms of Spring Break, which starts next Friday...


Yes, that is right, for the first time since I moved here, my parents and my sister are coming to visit me and visit some awesome places like Chicago and Nashville!!! I could not be more excited!!! While I'm pretty familiarized with the Windy City, I have never been to Nashville, so any suggestions are welcome! :)

I will have the chance to see my loved ones, travel, and hopefully get some really nice pictures for the blog! How has your life been lately? Let me know! :)

- Ane