Thursday, December 31, 2015

Out with the old, in with the new: 2015 Happenings and 2016 Goals

Almost Happy New Year everyone!

2015 is almost done, and let me be straight, I'm so thankful for it because I'm DONE with this year. It is no secret it has been one of the worst, if not the worst years I remember. I truly believe 2016 will be SO MUCH BETTER.

In any case, I would like to recap the most meaningful things I did this last year:


- Got my Masters: I never thought I would, but eventually, I passed my MA paper and got my Masters! It was definitely a hell of a ride, both with pitfalls and joyful moments, but I am so glad I was done with it.

- Started a PhD: Writing this feels a little weird because it does not feel like an accomplishment, but looking into it with more perspective, it definitely is a huge accomplishment, and no matter if I finish it or not, getting in and starting it has been a huge feat in my life.

- Had a "life cleanse": I was brave enough to let go of those people who more than friends, were very toxic entities in my life. It sometimes feels bad that I did, but I think I deserve better, after all, I am my top priority (and you yourself should be yours too).

- Moved to a new place with the best roommate: I live closer to campus and I love her, she's my rock. Shoutout to Eider for our Bachelor in Paradise and beer Tuesday nights.

- Traveled!: I didn't get to travel much in my MA, and going to New York and Oregon was great.


2016 hasn't even started, but I do have some resolutions goals to reach:

- Feel happy with what I have: I am lucky to be alive, to have the most wonderful family, awesome friends, money to lead a comfortable life and a fulfilling job. No need for anything else.

- Feel enough without a relationship: Going with feeling happy with what I have, I need to get better at this. Honestly, I sometimes struggle when I miss having somebody by my side to tell my problems to, to cuddle with, etc. But singleness is a blessing, no need to worry about anybody else and no ca$h dollar$ to spend on anyone. Plus, I'm a 100% human that rocks.

- Start running: I'm very jealous of people who run: 5k, 10k, half marathon... I would like to take up running and eventually (not this year good lord) run a marathon. It would be fantastic. But for that, I have to start running like pretty much everyone at U of I!

- Cook more, eat out less: Becoming a better cook and baker and not eating out as much would be ideal. Good for the wallet, better for my body. Also, only eat Chipotle after a workout. No excuses. And buy a water boiler for tea.

- Control my soda and alcohol intake: Disclaimer: I'm no alcoholic. I like my beer and cocktails when out, but nothing else. However, my soda addiction is the worst. I need to cut on that, and I think alcohol as well, as it will do a difference, and I don't need it much. (This does not mean I will quit though, craft beer is an art and Coca Cola is bae).

- Avoid drama and be direct: I tend to be elusive or passive when drama is going on, and the best you can do is to talk things out, forgive and forget PRONTO.

Um, this: You guys, bow down to this list. 

- Not mortify myself if I fail to do any of the things above: I'm not perfect, and if I wanna cry for being single, and watch Netflix while I eat take out, I will not feel like a terrible person.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2016, I know mine will be (or at least better than 2015, but that is not difficult lol). And as we say in Basque, URTE BERRI ON! :)

- Ane

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Break Haul

Kaixo everyone,

Guess what's fantastic: November being my birthday month. Black Friday being in November. Guess what's even better: No sales tax in Oregon.

Basically, my Thanksgiving Break shopping was off the charts AMAZING. Shopping in Chicago before flying to Oregon, Black Friday and Cyber Monday meant lots of money spent but also LOTS OF DISCOUNTS!

Here's what I got:

Chicago: Chicago shopping is one of my favorite because you can find hose shops that you don't find in any mall everywhere. As I said, November is my birthday month, and there are some really awesome discounts for it, like the 50$ off from Tory Burch if you sign up for their e-mails for your birthday, or the half off for your birthday month for one Kendra Scott item. I kept it simple and efficient in Chicago due to my early departure the next morning. I went to the stores above to take advantage of the birthday discounts, and to Uniqlo, which just opened in Chicago and was offering 5$ off for your first purchase in store.

You guys, the best buys ever. These jeans are my favorite, I had a pair that broke and I took the chance to buy the exact same. As for the earrings, I own the Danielle earrings in Magenta, and I love them, so I decided to get another pair of Danielles. I was gonna get the Turquoise ones, but I decided to get the White Howlite ones, and I'm so happy I did, they go with absolutely everything! And one of the best buys of the year, the Miller sandals, which I paid 145$ (+ tax) for. I'm sorry, but it screams DEAL!! You can't use the 50$ discount for the Reva flats, of the Minnie flats, but Millers are not mentioned there so I took advantage of it and BOOM! So weather appropriate! At least I'm ready for summer!

Jeans: Uniqlo // Earrings: Kendra Scott

Sandals: Tory Burch

Black Friday: It all boils down to the Sephora stop, as usual. I got presents for my family, and presents for myself. As it was my birthday present, I got two awesome Nars lip-liners for free! And I restocked on pretty much everything: Make-up, perfume, 10$ deals, etc. I also had the chance to stop by a Kate Spade store, where I bought an adorable coffee (in my case tea, let's be honest coffee is a no-no in my taste buds) mug that I've been using non-stop and the cutest table book, which has some awesome tips and recipes, I highly recommend it. Another great buy were Nikes at 40$ instead of 100$ at Ross, since Kelly works there and had a discount! Macy's had really nice door busters too, like the Tory Burch lotion that smells AMAZING.

Birthday present for Beauty Insiders in Sephora
Rollerball: Tory Burch
Pore Perfection Black Friday Set: Boscia

Foundation: Bare Minerals
Mug: Kate Spade
Book: Kate Spade
Sneakers: Nike
Lotion: Tory Burch

Cyber Monday: Something that I was sad about when Black Friday passed was that I had to pass up the most beautiful wristlet in Nordstrom. Nordstrom has a 30% off sale for Tory Burch like in the website, but only in certain items, and this wristlet was not one of them. I was determined not to spend a dime in Cyber Monday, like in previous years, but cue Bloomindale's and their sale... ALL by Tory Burch had a 25% off, plus I added a 10% off from signing up to their mailing list, and boom! The wristlet was 45 dollars off! And I couldn't be happier, it goes with everything, has plenty of space (well distributed space) and I feel like a diva whenever I use it.

Wristlet: Tory Burch
Overall, I'm very happy with my purchases. Thanksgiving break is the best time for me to get presents both for me and my family for Christmas, so I do go a little overboard with shopping. How about you?

- Ane

Monday, December 28, 2015

Oregon OOTD: Hiking in Style

Kaixo everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas (and well if you don't celebrate it, that you're having an awesome holiday so far) and that your break is being as relaxing as mine. Something that I can't wait to do once the holidays are done with is to GO HIKING. I mean, central Illinois is so flat. SO FLAT. Meanwhile, the Basque Country has both coast and mountains! Something I got to do while visiting Kelly in Oregon was to go hiking! We visited Multnomah Falls east of Portland, and let me tell you, it was beautiful. Full of tourists (UGH), but the higher we went, the less people there were.

I took the opportunity to channel my inner 80s aero-hiking queen, with some really bright patterned garments. I mean, I could use neutrals like mostly everyday on my life, but there are some positives to wearing brights while hiking:

1) You can be easily recognizable...
2) you won't get lost.
3) Nobody will judge you because you're supposed to feel comfortable, so what if your most comfortable clothes give people eyesores?
4) The 80s are ALWAYS back in style.
5) You look fly as f.

I wish being myself looked cooler than this

Fleece: Patagonia // Yoga pants: Lululemon // Gloves: Lands' End // Sneakers: Adidas (old, similar here // Bag: Lefties (old, similar here) // Beanie: TIS University Bookstore (old, similar here)

I personally love this fleece, but I just noticed the color sold out! One of my friends told me Patagonia is way better than North Face (I have no idea, honestly, agree to disagree), and I saw those funky colors and fell in love, and even more when I got it and I started wearing it non-stop. You already know about how much I love my yoga pants, and well, fun fact! A guy at the top of the trail stopped us and asked if we were Illini, to what we said yeah, of course! He was too! Class of '73! That was one of the highlights of the hike, definitely!

I wanted to make a personal note before ending this post. While Christmas is a time of celebration and enjoyment with loved ones, I have heard the saddest news yesterday. Olatz, a friend of mine from my hall my sophomore year, passed away in China due to severe food intoxication. She was a fun-loving, outgoing girl in love with life who had the whole world ahead of her, and her sudden death filled me with sadness. This reminded me of how lucky I am to be alive, and never to take the next day for granted. Olatz was 23 and had her whole life ahead of her, and now she does not. Please pray or think about her family in such a terrible time and remember to cherish your existence, for it is never guaranteed. Goian bego, Oli.

- Ane

Friday, December 25, 2015

Oregon OOTD: Outfit repeater

Kaixo everyone,

It's time for an Oregon recap! I went to Oregon for Thanksgiving to visit my dear friend Kelly. Kelly and I became friends through my ex-boyfriend (something good had to come out of that, right?) as she worked in the Jewish center my boyfriend used to go to. In fact, we met at a Jewish barn dance... We probably were the only non-Jewish girls there. That, the fact that we were both Spanish majors, and a magic affinity, made us best friends! When she moved to Oregon, I felt like a part of me went missing, so I decided to visit her for Thanksgiving break.

The first day was basically traveling from the Midwest to the PNW... Which would've been kind of terrible if I hadn't gone shopping the day before in Chicago (more on that soon), since my flight was the FIRST one leaving the airport at 5:30 a.m. What are the odds? The good part was that I got to Portland at 10am, so Kelly and I went to her place, we napped, and then we headed to the movies to watch the last Hunger Games movie. I cried like a baby, which is kinda funny considering I've read the books... but I cried anyway. After that, we went to have my very first beer tasting in Portland, basically Disney for beer lovers. It was the perfect day to start my trip.

Us, basically

Tuesday was basically wandering around Portland in the morning, as Kelly had to work in the afternoon, so I decided to dress up. I gotta confess, I am no trust fund baby, and that means, I don't own a massive closet. In fact, living abroad makes me have half of my closet in the US and the other half in Spain. And that makes it even more difficult. Enter traveling around the US. EVEN LESS CLOTHES. And honestly, I always end up wearing the clothes I like most. Remember when I wore this the first day of school? Here the fall edition:

There were GOOOOOOD

Photobomb master
Dress: Zara // Blazer: H&M // Scarf: Lilly Pulitzer (old) // Tights: Old Navy // Flats: J. Crew Factory (old, similar here) // Earrings: Kendra Scott // Bag: Lefties (old, similar here)

Isn't it easy? Just add some black opaque tights, dressier shoes and a blazer and BOOM! FALL APPROPRIATE! Fashion is awesome. Speaking of awesome...


This will be all for today, be on the look for more soon!

- Ane

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I'm back HOME

Kaixo dear friends,

Sorry for the long hiatus, but finals have been KILLER this semester. In any case, I'm back in track because a) I'm on holidays and b) I'M HOME! Yes, I'm back in the Basque Country for Christmas! And that means tons of time for sleeping, leisure and this blog! I will soon write about my awesome thanksgiving trip to Oregon and my SUPER SUCCESSFUL Black Friday+Cyber Monday experience. Seriously, it was crazy awesome. Meanwhile, here some pics with my people before and after flying home:

My roommate and I!

My friend Almike and I!

After the departmental reception

A blogger milestone: Ladurée macarons! And let me tell you, they were DELICIOUS!

Back with my friend Alejandra!
I will soon start posting now that I have the time. I have so many ideas!

- Ane

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Pantone 2016

Kaixo everyone!

The Pantone 2016 colors of the year are out. Yes, you heard that right, colors, in plural! And let me tell you, it's my favorite combination to date! The colors are Rose Quartz and Serenity, which combined create a tranquil, calm sensation against the chaotic world we are living in. Isn't that cool?

I personally love their choice. Apparently no one liked Marsala (not a big fan myself either), but these colors are just too gorgeous, and combined? Even better. I cannot wait to combine these two colors in my outfits. Here some inspo!

Carolina Herrera KILLED it in her Spring 2016 collection

Rayne necklace in Rose Quartz, Kendra Scott

What do y'all think about the Pantone colors of the year? Do you like them? Sound off in the comments! :)

- Ane