Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fall College/Grad School Essentials

Hello everybody!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons (not that there are too many, but it's definitely top 2), mainly because my birthday falls in the fall (lol so punny #jkno) and because I can be fashionable without being relatively covered in as many layers as an onion. It's cold but not that cold, it's toasty but not that toasty. The colors change, basic white girls like myself show off our awesome riding boots and vests are in full swing. FALL >>>> everything.

As a somewhat "experienced" grad schooler, I have been in college/university for 7 years (Jesus Christ WHY), and I notice that every season asks for certain necessities. Here are mine:

Clockwise from top left:

- Lilly Pulitzer Agenda: Remember back in the day when figuring out which print to choose for my Lilly Pulitzer planner was the biggest of my problems? Yeah, fun times. But really, my agenda is like my inanimate (and way less expensive) personal assistant, and as a grad school student, I need to be on top of my assignments and my teaching, and a bright, cheerful planner helps me do all that without getting depressed. Plus, there is no better satisfaction than ticking off the assignments you've completed.

- Essie Nail Polish in Marshmallow: Do you believe in the "Treat Yo Self" philosophy? I bet 99.9% of you do, and the rest, well... standard error? I like to treat myself to Essie nail polish every once in a while, particularly after getting paid. I used to have a very opaque white nail polish that looked like white out (not the prettiest), and I was missing that white color in my nails. Enter Marshmallow, a sheer white nail polish. It is not super bright (which I love, fall is not for neons. Although if you like neon in the fall, you do you, I'm not gonna stop you) and it looks my MEGAPALE hands look less dead. A+

- J. Crew Factory Navy Vest: I like navy. JK I'M OBSESSED. A navy vest makes EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT look a little more polished and you still have your arms as free as America!

- Luscious Lemon Poppyseed Vegan Cookie: I study a lot. And I need sugar or some pick me up to keep me going. Enter this giant cookie from the Alternative Baking Company. I'm not vegan or vegetarian or anything (#bacon), but I saw this cookie, bought it, and holy molly isn't it amazing! I really recommend these!

- Blanket Scarf: I finally gave in and got the ultimate basic b fall staple. Well actually, my lovely friends gave me this for my birthday, and oh gosh I'm SO HAPPY about it. Illinois is cold, but I fight it like a pink diva!

Louise et Cie Riding Boots: Goodness gracious, look at the color of these. They scream fall. Enough said.

There are many things I use during fall, but these are the main ones. Which are your fall staples?

- Ane


  1. Oh my gosh, I completely agree with everything you said about your agenda! I always take forever to choose the print I want and the bright colors 100% keep me from getting bogged down with stress!
    XO Alyson |

    1. It really took me forever this year, it was so difficult to choose! I had no such problem last year but ugh! In any case, it's very nice to take such a happy school supply out of my backpack when I'm doing work! :)