Monday, December 28, 2015

Oregon OOTD: Hiking in Style

Kaixo everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas (and well if you don't celebrate it, that you're having an awesome holiday so far) and that your break is being as relaxing as mine. Something that I can't wait to do once the holidays are done with is to GO HIKING. I mean, central Illinois is so flat. SO FLAT. Meanwhile, the Basque Country has both coast and mountains! Something I got to do while visiting Kelly in Oregon was to go hiking! We visited Multnomah Falls east of Portland, and let me tell you, it was beautiful. Full of tourists (UGH), but the higher we went, the less people there were.

I took the opportunity to channel my inner 80s aero-hiking queen, with some really bright patterned garments. I mean, I could use neutrals like mostly everyday on my life, but there are some positives to wearing brights while hiking:

1) You can be easily recognizable...
2) you won't get lost.
3) Nobody will judge you because you're supposed to feel comfortable, so what if your most comfortable clothes give people eyesores?
4) The 80s are ALWAYS back in style.
5) You look fly as f.

I wish being myself looked cooler than this

Fleece: Patagonia // Yoga pants: Lululemon // Gloves: Lands' End // Sneakers: Adidas (old, similar here // Bag: Lefties (old, similar here) // Beanie: TIS University Bookstore (old, similar here)

I personally love this fleece, but I just noticed the color sold out! One of my friends told me Patagonia is way better than North Face (I have no idea, honestly, agree to disagree), and I saw those funky colors and fell in love, and even more when I got it and I started wearing it non-stop. You already know about how much I love my yoga pants, and well, fun fact! A guy at the top of the trail stopped us and asked if we were Illini, to what we said yeah, of course! He was too! Class of '73! That was one of the highlights of the hike, definitely!

I wanted to make a personal note before ending this post. While Christmas is a time of celebration and enjoyment with loved ones, I have heard the saddest news yesterday. Olatz, a friend of mine from my hall my sophomore year, passed away in China due to severe food intoxication. She was a fun-loving, outgoing girl in love with life who had the whole world ahead of her, and her sudden death filled me with sadness. This reminded me of how lucky I am to be alive, and never to take the next day for granted. Olatz was 23 and had her whole life ahead of her, and now she does not. Please pray or think about her family in such a terrible time and remember to cherish your existence, for it is never guaranteed. Goian bego, Oli.

- Ane


  1. Oh Ane I'm sorry about your loss! Her family will definitely be in my prayers. A death like that really puts everything into perspective and really does make you feel blessed to be alive. I love your Patagonia by the way. I have a cream pullover, but I kind of want to get a super ridiculous color...
    XO Alyson |

    1. Thank you Alyson, I hope they get through this! Hahaha the bright crazy colors were the reason I bought it for! :)

  2. I am praying for both her, and her family. I hope you all stay strong and are able to enjoy the holiday season.

    -Caroline Voigt