Thursday, December 31, 2015

Out with the old, in with the new: 2015 Happenings and 2016 Goals

Almost Happy New Year everyone!

2015 is almost done, and let me be straight, I'm so thankful for it because I'm DONE with this year. It is no secret it has been one of the worst, if not the worst years I remember. I truly believe 2016 will be SO MUCH BETTER.

In any case, I would like to recap the most meaningful things I did this last year:


- Got my Masters: I never thought I would, but eventually, I passed my MA paper and got my Masters! It was definitely a hell of a ride, both with pitfalls and joyful moments, but I am so glad I was done with it.

- Started a PhD: Writing this feels a little weird because it does not feel like an accomplishment, but looking into it with more perspective, it definitely is a huge accomplishment, and no matter if I finish it or not, getting in and starting it has been a huge feat in my life.

- Had a "life cleanse": I was brave enough to let go of those people who more than friends, were very toxic entities in my life. It sometimes feels bad that I did, but I think I deserve better, after all, I am my top priority (and you yourself should be yours too).

- Moved to a new place with the best roommate: I live closer to campus and I love her, she's my rock. Shoutout to Eider for our Bachelor in Paradise and beer Tuesday nights.

- Traveled!: I didn't get to travel much in my MA, and going to New York and Oregon was great.


2016 hasn't even started, but I do have some resolutions goals to reach:

- Feel happy with what I have: I am lucky to be alive, to have the most wonderful family, awesome friends, money to lead a comfortable life and a fulfilling job. No need for anything else.

- Feel enough without a relationship: Going with feeling happy with what I have, I need to get better at this. Honestly, I sometimes struggle when I miss having somebody by my side to tell my problems to, to cuddle with, etc. But singleness is a blessing, no need to worry about anybody else and no ca$h dollar$ to spend on anyone. Plus, I'm a 100% human that rocks.

- Start running: I'm very jealous of people who run: 5k, 10k, half marathon... I would like to take up running and eventually (not this year good lord) run a marathon. It would be fantastic. But for that, I have to start running like pretty much everyone at U of I!

- Cook more, eat out less: Becoming a better cook and baker and not eating out as much would be ideal. Good for the wallet, better for my body. Also, only eat Chipotle after a workout. No excuses. And buy a water boiler for tea.

- Control my soda and alcohol intake: Disclaimer: I'm no alcoholic. I like my beer and cocktails when out, but nothing else. However, my soda addiction is the worst. I need to cut on that, and I think alcohol as well, as it will do a difference, and I don't need it much. (This does not mean I will quit though, craft beer is an art and Coca Cola is bae).

- Avoid drama and be direct: I tend to be elusive or passive when drama is going on, and the best you can do is to talk things out, forgive and forget PRONTO.

Um, this: You guys, bow down to this list. 

- Not mortify myself if I fail to do any of the things above: I'm not perfect, and if I wanna cry for being single, and watch Netflix while I eat take out, I will not feel like a terrible person.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2016, I know mine will be (or at least better than 2015, but that is not difficult lol). And as we say in Basque, URTE BERRI ON! :)

- Ane

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