Monday, January 4, 2016

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale - January 2016

Kaixo everybody,

I am sorry to inform that this will not be an inner monologue post like last time, which you can read here. No matter how much I enjoyed it, this time around the sale frenzy did not hit me as hard. I had perused old Pinterest boards to see possible pieces I might want to get, like an Elsa top, or a shift dress, but I could honestly see nothing that stole my heart. Maybe some pieces from seasons way past the possible ones for this sale, but nothing very recent. Ugh.

In fact, when I got in the sale (at 2:40pm GMT+1, 8:40 ET), after having 8000 people ahead of me at first, I only got the Agenda Bonus Pack and some earbuds for when I work out. 21 dollars, which was pretty damn awesome considering my lack of self-control.

You can still find it here
Find them here
However, no Elsas, no dresses, rien de rien. I honestly was disappointed. BUT! my decision was not because the clothes were that bad or unattractive to me (although it had to do with it). In fact, I didn't go empty-handed today... Two hours before the sale, 12pm Spanish time, I was browsing some Lilly Pulitzer Facebook groups and somebody had commented that the Deal of the Day had started in Amazon. I went to check out what they had there without any intention of getting anything, but suddenly, one of those dresses from last year or the year before last there at half price! It was not cheap at all (89$ + tax), but I was looking for a nice Lilly shift for my roommate's graduation, since she made it very clear I had to buy a dress for hers because she bought one for mine lol! And here is the beautiful piece:

(Pictures via InstagramThe Sugared Lemon)

That's right, I got the Janice sheath shift dress! I cannot wait to wear this beautiful dress, it looks so elegant and sophisticated, and IT'S PINK! AND LILLY! I will probably have to hem it a little, but I honestly do not care, it will be PERFECT! :)

Did you purchase anything from the After Party Sale or any other places where they had discount Lilly? Let me know!

- Ane


  1. Ugh, I absolutely love that dress! I'm so jealous, haha.
    XO Alyson |

    1. I'm sure they'll do another Janice dress with another print for you to get Alyson! :)