Sunday, January 17, 2016

My First Visit to a Lilly Pulitzer Store

Kaixo everyone,

I'm in a white state of mind with all this snow falling. Ugh. My hair almost froze today on my way back from doing groceries, my nose was as red as Rudolph's and I was dressed like an onion with all those layers. But let's be positive, winter in Illinois will be gone sometime... soon? EL OH EL I can win the Powerball from last week too following that logic... In any case, if you are positive about it will go soon. That has worked for me in the past. Something that will definitely help is some bright clothes and accessories that I bought the other day in my first time ever in a LILLY PULITZER STORE!!!!!!! I have bought many things over the internet but I had never been to a store.

After landing in O'Hare (like an hour after, customs and clearing took freaking 5ever), I took a cab to the Oakbrook Center, a mall in the Chicago suburbs that has a Lilly store, the only one in Illinois (at least a corporate location). Now it wasn't a regular situation. I had my 50lb suitcase with me, a 40l backpack and a tote, and I had till 5 when I had to take the bus to Champaign. I walked through Macy's pretending I had no suitcase (everyone was looking at it, it's bright green after all), made my way outside and made it to the Lilly store.

It was so pretty from the outside, and then I came in, and the ladies there were absolutely the best. Like, they offered to keep my suitcase and backpack behind the counter. UGH THANK DA LORD! Carrying all that wasn't only obnoxious, it was also super tiresome. My favorite part of the store were absolutely the fitting rooms. And I was placed in the coolest one, in my opinion, the Chicago one! It had exclusive Lilly paintings that evoked the city and everything about it, I absolutely LOVED IT.

Since it was the first time in a Lilly store, I tried a ton of things: Shirts, shorts, pants, etc.

Although all these were beautiful, they did not look that good on my skin (milky white girl probs), so I did not take them with me. However, I went with something that I had not thought of at all while looking at the web, but I decided to try it on because it was on sale and holy Jesus it looked beautiful!

I got my first Elsa! I was not planning to get one but I tried it on and it looked surprisingly pretty and put-together on me, and the colors were incredible. I don't know what my mom will say about ANOTHER pink and blue shirt (seriously, another), but it really, truly looks beautiful. I fell in love instantly. And believe me, pictures don't do it justice (I don't know how I do it to look like an awkward preggo lady every time I take a selfie SMH). Pictures don't do justice to the fitting rooms either.

I cannot wait to rock this piece soon. I'm particularly excited to take it to Nashville when my family comes visit in March, I believe people will be more appreciative of it over there lol. I did get some other accessories (a candle and two market bags) and I got the beautiful water bottle on promotion this weekend!

More additions to my ever-growing Wild Confetti collection

I wish I could've stayed at least 3 more hours in the store (and that I had a Black Amex too, a girl can dream) but I had to leave very soon. The adorable girl who helped me out even held the door open for me and my obnoxious entourage (yeah, my luggage) to leave the store. I wish the store had more things (like more shorts and dresses) but I loved shopping there and seeing everything first-hand. 

So I went to take the bus, and was when I was at the pick up location (out in the cold in an Oakbrook Center parking lot), this lady who was waiting with her daughter to take the bus to Champaign as well told me to go in her car not to freeze to death, which was really sweet and moving. Overall, I was very happy! I got to Champaign, had a beer with my neighbors (I missed my babies so much!), unpacked and finally went to sleep after 24h awake. Now I'm back in Champaign and lesson-planning for the classes I'm teaching this semester.

I wish everyone had or has a great beginning of the spring semester, best of lucks!

- Ane


  1. I love that pink and blue coral print! I have it in a kaftan and love it!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  2. Cute pics! I love the Lilly Elsa tops- they are seriously the best!

    Mackenzie |

    1. Thank you Mackenzie! I cannot wait to start wearing mine!

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    1. They're so pretty! Thanks for visiting!