Friday, January 8, 2016

Please and thank you...: Spring Wishlist

Kaito everybody,

So, Christmas is gone... But ugh, I wish it weren't. This year I did not spend much money in gifts, and I personally didn't look for anything in particular, but I wish I had come across this great webpage before... Enter Spring, a NYC based store that caters young-adult professionals like my jolly self (basically I like to pretend like I have my shit together, which could be easily done if I had everything from this store) and carries those super hip NYC brands that street style bloggers sport and make me cry about my current closet.

So let's pretend this is a week before Christmas, I'm arriving home and I'm excited for cute awesome stuff that Olentzero (the bigger, better and "Basquer" Santa) thinks I deserve (I mean, 2015 was definitely terrible), or, that my inner Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle have come out in full swing. TREAT YO SELF! So here is my wishlist!

Clockwise from top left: Sweatshirt: Bow & Drape // Earrings: French Connection // Pink Watch: Lexon // Yellow Watch: Lexon // Cord Strip Manager: This Is Ground // Bookmarks: Mrs. John L. Strong // Stationery: Coral & Tusk

A sweatshirt with a fun print (I mean, my life all day every day), some stylish earrings that go with everything, cute stationery to survive grad school with, a practical cord strip manager and a watch (or two? No judgment I really CAN'T choose between those to-die-for colors!). A New Yorker born and bred you (and every Soho native) would think!

If you liked this pieces, definitely check out Spring, they even have an app for you tech-savvy millennial to check out their adorable pieces on your electronic devices! I specially liked the accessories page, check it out as well! Let me know if you find anything you like (which I'm sure you will!).

- Ane

This post is not sponsored. All opinions on the products are honest and my own. The webpage was provided to me by Spring to review their products. Thank you for supporting Spring and the brands that support Basque Prep!


  1. love this type of post! That "I can't adult today" shirt is adorable. x, kenz

  2. I love the "I can't adult today" shirt... definitely how I am feeling today because I had to buy sooooo many textbooks for college it was painful!
    Miss Olivia Says

    1. Oh my god I feel you girl! I'm avoiding that moment like the plague!