Sunday, August 9, 2015

Surfing the web V

Summer > everything (yep, that's me on the left!)

Kaixo everyone!

I hope you all are doing great! By the time this goes up, I'll be laying in some awesome Lanzarote beach working on my inexistent tan. But before going, I found these cool articles for you to check out. Enjoy!

Taystee FTW: Taystee is one of my favorite OITNB characters. She's sassy and smart and has a big big heart. If her character wasn't great enough, Danielle Brooks, the actress who portrays her, is an awesome lady as well. She's gorgeous and is not afraid to defy modern beauty canons (which are terribly unrealistic and unhealthy. Look at the Human Barbie, she went bonkers.), and looks flawless while doing so. Props to you!

Google + Chipotle: Magic!: If you go to my "About Me" page (here) and check point nÂș 8, you'll see that Chipotle is bae. I use that word sparingly because I believe that the English language provides a myriad of more appropriate words to express appeal, but with Chipotle I have to go full-frontal with bae. I LOVE CHIPOTLE. I like to go right after I work out to justify the ginormous caloric intake, and while I usually order online to pick it up, sometimes I forget and there's a line of already drunk fratboys in front of my hungry self, and that sucks, especially in winter when the Midwest becomes gelid. Enter Google and praise the Lord! You can now see how busy it is, and not only with Chipotle, you can also check other establishments.

What Makes You Happy? This is a Spanish video that went viral here some months ago, and it definitely helps put things in perspective. Must-watch (with subtitles!).

Should you write a romantic checklist? This is incredibly interesting. With time, I've realized that while some aspects may seem irrelevant to some people when looking for a relationship, for others they are vital. I have my own mental list of things that I'd like my future husband to have (although it's not set in stone), do you?

Adulting 101: Thank you Buzzfeed for solving my life from now on. Let's see how much it lasts!

Emotional Haka Farewell: This homage to a school teacher in New Zealand made by hundreds of students, who performed a haka (popular war dance/ritual that was popularized by the All Blacks, the national New Zealander rugby team) in his honor. Truly breathtaking.

Easy habits to practice every day: This is such a simple yet such an effective list! I feel very off track and routine-less right now, but once I get back to school I'll start to implement these to my lifestyle!

And a bonus one that makes me very proud:

Princeton Review's Party School List: I-L-L! I-N-I!

And that's all for today folks! Hope you enjoyed it! :)

- Ane