Monday, August 17, 2015

The inner monologue of an After Party Summer Sale shopper

11 am: Today is the day. I have read about it in tons of blogs. I'm at GMT +1 time, so the sale starts at 2pm, 8am Eastern time. Awesome. I suppose I'll just browse. I mean, I'm planning on getting some Lilly stuff for when school starts. I'm not even there yet. But I could have it sent to my office. No one will steal that. After they stole that cute Tory Burch notebook I got, you never know. Thank God they returned it. I guess thugs aren't preppy.

12 pm: It's 6am in the US. 2 hours away. I need to go to the bank to do some stuff, I probably won't make it. I suppose it's fine. Is it? Ugh but what about that First Impressions scarf that I pinned yesterday? It's so pretty. I bet that if the sale was in real life I'd have to hit some people. Remember that the Target thing could've ended bad. #NeverForget.

1 pm: I assume that they'll have the spring collection in the sale. And part of the summer one. I don't know if I was a fan of the spring one. I mean, I got that spring Iona top and my graduation dress, but what about the rest? Hmm back to Pinterest again.

1:30 pm: 30 minutes for the sale. It's so close. I may have pinned that In the Vias dress. Oops. I'll sit close to the wi-fi router, just in case my internet crashes. OMG like in the January sale. Why did electricity have to go? That murfee was mine. :'( My mom is asking if I want lunch yet. Ermmm maybe later. But how later? What if I can't access the sale early enough? Like seriously, what a weird system they've put up this time. Imagine it crashes again. LOL.

1:45 pm: I opened multiple tabs, just in case. The Facebook page says to refresh it at 8 am. 4 tabs opened.

1:55 pm: Refreshed. Nope. K.

1:58 pm: Two minutes. Refreshed again. Still waiting. A little Facebook won't hurt.

1:59 pm: Refresh, refresh. I'm not the only one waiting for the sale. Refresh. Refresh. REFREEEEEESH. Lol nope.

2 pm: Refresh. Nothing. NOTHING? Refresh. YAY FINALLY.

2:01 pm: There's 21.380 people in front of me. Lol. EXCUSE ME? One hour of wait. Well it looks like I won't be able to get anything.

2:02 pm: I have an hour long wait. Welp this is exciting. NOT.

2:03 pm: Bye dress. OMG definitely bye First Impressions scarf. I have enough scarves anyway.

2:04 pm: Let's be honest, nobody has enough scarves. My mom has a hanger bursting of them.

2:06 pm: 19.000 people!!

2:07 pm: Lovely Michaela from The Monogrammed Midwesterner is in and offers to get me anything while she's in. So sweet. Also, apparently they play music. So solemn.

2:10 pm: I wonder how many things are gone.


2:16 pm: False alarm, one hour wait. But it's not moving.

2:20 pm: OMG why isn't it moving? It's been slowly moving. There must be a glitch. OMG don't people have jobs to go to? I'm starting work in a week, now that I remember. EW. Summer holidays for life, please and thank you.

2:24 pm: FINALLY MOVING! Down to 14000. Please don't stop.

2:32 pm: 12000! Maybe I should have some lunch. I'm hungry. But the router is in the living room. What if internet starts going slowly? Come on Ane you can do this. RESIST!

2:35 pm: 9000! Praise. The. Lawd!

2:37 pm: 7000. Wait no 5900. OMG TURBOLILLY. Broom broom!

2:40 pm: Only 4 minutes to go. Oh Jesus Christ protect me and my wallet. 3 minutes. 2. OMG. 1 MINUTE. Music plays. I'm in. I'M INNNNN. YESSSSSSSS!!!

2:41 pm: OK focus. Let's start with dresses. Some are already gone, wow. Aren't some dresses like 2 years old?

2:42 pm: NO WAY. The dress is still here! Sizes S and M available! What size am I? TrueFit says S. Yeah right, like my graduation dress. It said M, I picked S. I had 5 people see which one looked better.

2:43 pm: Reviews say it's snug in the shoulders. OMG I hate being between sizes. What if it's very tight? It looks tight on the girl. I don't want my butt and stomach protruding, thanks. All my dresses are size M. Trust your instincts, Ane, damn it!

2:44 pm: Ok it's in the basket. Let's see tops. Pretty. I like. There's my Iona shell. At least I know that's size M for me, like no doubt.

2:45 pm: OMG they have that beautiful navy Iona shell with flowers. Size M. Add to basket. NEVER F***ING MIND IT'S GONE. Now that makes me very sad. Like really sad. Anyway, moving on.

2:46 pm: Hey that boatneck top is cute. 29$, nice! Hmmm but I don't need it. Out of the basket.

2:48 pm: Accessories. Many and pretty. They have the iPhone 5/5s/5c wristlet! Mine is falling apart :'( In the basket.

2:50 pm: Oh shit I DIDN'T SIGN IN. Bye everything.

2:51 pm: Sign in. It remembers me thank god. Hello Ane! Why hello LP! Everything still in the basket YES! OMG not my old apartment's address. Did I keep my office address? YES IT'S THERE.

2:52 pm: Card is stored, they need the number. Run like Usain Bolt to my bedroom, come back. It's in.

2:53 pm: Review order. All good. Place order. Click. ..... Thanks for shopping with Lilly Pulitzer! YESSSSSSSSSSS MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlene Shift Dress (188$, 69$) // Let Minnow Wristlet (38$, 19$)

2:54 pm: I can't believe it. I got the dress I pinned and a future wristlet for my phone.

2:55 pm: Double checking shipping address. Everything is fine. YAYAYAYAYAYAYYYYY

2:56 pm: What if the dress is too big? Oh dear lord. Well it's done.

2:57 pm: I could have it hemmed. Or sell it. 400$. Lol jk. But it'd be sad if I had to.

2:59 pm: Asked coworker to keep an eye on my mailbox. She'll do. Absolute love.

3:00 pm: Stomach growling asking for help. Ok ok time to eat.

4:30 pm: How long will the line be?

4:45 pm: Everything cute is pretty much gone. Byeeee

5:30 pm: Waiting for other bloggers to inform. Check out Facebook site. Angry customers everrrrrrrywhere. Jesus ladies, it's not the end of the world.

5:35 pm: What would I do if I wasn't successful though...? LP SUXS FUGLY CRYIN. Ok no. I'd just save up. I'm a lady.

6:00 pm: I forgot about my future popover. Nooooo. I'll have to save. Or not buy it altogether. Will I be able to though?

6:30 pm: Last peek. Oh if only the line was like this at the beginning. Tops. I didn't get any tops. These would be good for going out. Size XXS. Like nope.

6:40 pm: Filter size M. OMG only two scarves left? The craziness.

6:50 pm: Hey this top looks like the kimono that got away. That kimono was pretty. Size M available. Hmmm. To the basket. Nah, back to your place. 148$ to 44$. Hmmmmm. Back to the basket. Check out. Yes? I could wear this to the bars. Party LP. Place order.

6:51 pm: OMG I DID NOT. WHYYYYYY. But it's so pretty. Well bye popover.

Rogan Halter top (148$, 44$)

6:53 pm: OMG I can't wait for this to arrive.

6:55 pm: I'm crazy. Crazy poor.

6:59 pm: Adding to my Self Control app. Block for 7 days.

7 pm: See you after my first paycheck this year Lilly P!


- Ane


  1. Haha this was entertaining. Glad you had good luck!

    Seacoast to the South

    1. Thank you Emma! Sometimes I get creative, must be the English lit major in me! :)

  2. Haha it was really interesting to read your thoughts throughout this whole 'ordeal'. Glad you made it through!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

  3. Oh my gosh this was so fun to read but my thoughts exactly! The things you got are so cute by the way!
    XO Alyson |

    1. Lol thank you Alyson! I can't wait for them to arrive! :)

  4. Borrowing that top ASAP! I loved talking to you this morning throughout the sale! xo

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

    1. Hahahah will do! Same here love! You made going through the sale x1000 times better! :*

  5. This is was perfect. I read the entire thing!

    XOXO Cat

  6. Hey! I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster award. I mentioned you in my blog post.

    XOXO Cat

    1. OMG really? Aw thank you Cat you are so sweet! :*