Sunday, August 2, 2015

Surfing the web IV

Out and about with friends!
Kaixo everyone!

Well, get ready for a post full of interesting videos and stories that I've found in the internet lately! If you are very bored, here a list of things for a quick entertainment session. Enjoy!

What If I Knew I Was Beautiful: "You don't know you are beautiful, that's what makes you beautiful!" Ok One Direction, we get it. Except we don't. Cue my hero, Colbert:

Why not recognize our beauty? Love yourself, see your beauty. You don't need anyone to tell you how beautiful, kick-ass and awesome you are!

I'm Gonna Love You Through It: This made me cry like I haven't in a while. I felt like my family and friends were singing to me to let me know they are there for me to get over my depression. Absolute love.

23 Ways To Savagely Insult Someone Without Cursing: I do not condone being rude to people, it's not my style, and I feel very uncomfortable when people are downright mean. But these made me laugh out loud. Some I wish I could tell to rude people in my life... But I'll probably stick to "killing with kindness."

Lilly Pulitzer suing Old Navy: I had seen the High Tide Toile Old Navy shorts online and I was like, that looks familiar... I'd like to know how this unfolds...

Van Gogh's death - 150th Anniversary: Van Gogh is one of my favorite painters, I could be looking at his paintings for ours. This homage with 50.000 dahlias in the 150th anniversary of his death is just beautiful.

Puppy swarms!: And my favorite, to end this post in a happy tone. PUPPIES!!!!

The next "Surfing the web" will be coming up soon (I've found so many cool things online, I think I should get out of the house more...) but any suggestions are appreciated!

- Ane

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