Thursday, August 13, 2015

OOTD: Maxi Love


I wanted to start my Lanzarote recap with an OOTD post, if I may! Now that I told my parents and sister about the blog I have three new photographers and they gladly help me out taking pics!

Well let me tell you something about Lanzarote: It's sunny, windy and looks like the moon. Seriously, it's a place of volcanic activity so the rock formations are crazy. Our 1 week holiday was either visiting natural places that are a result of the nature of the island (how freaking eloquent is this sentence?) or laying down doing nothing. Both work for me. Our first stop after getting there was Los Hervideros, which are odd underwater caves and cliffs that are shaped by the erosion caused by lava, and later on, we headed to a crater by El Golfo. It was really interesting to see those places and see how nature shaped the island.

As for my outfit, I was trying to pack super light (and as surprising as it is, mission accomplished!), so I packed mostly dresses and shorts, and in order not to get a cold (I got one on a flight from Phoenix to Seattle and it's in my Top 10 for the worst experiences of my life ever) I decided to put on a maxi dress and a kimono (which I didn't need later, too hot) and sandals. Easy peasy:

Dress: Modcloth (sold out, similar here) // Bag: Blanco (old, similar here) // Bangle: Zara // Watch: Fossil (old) // Sunglasses: Nordstrom // Earrings: Kate Spade New York // Necklace: Forever21 // Sandals: Les Tropezzienes par M Belarbi (French brand)

I fell in love with this dress when I saw it in Modcloth harder than I've ever fallen for a boy #trulyfe. The fit is great, the pattern is adorable and the small slits to the sides makes it so easy to walk in it. It's a winner. The accessories are all the same (lol, surprising right?) as usual. 

However, I wanted to give some honorable mentions: First of, my sunglasses are back in stock! Yayyy!! They were only 12$, so it's a steal! As for the bracelet, it's part of a set and I've been wearing it non-stop. Seriously, get it. And the sandals, I believe you can still get them in Amazon UK or Zalando UK, so if you come, do yourself a favor and get them. I'm a person who is never happy about how sandals look on me (seriously, I own a couple of pairs of sandals), and that's problematic. Except these sandals make my feet look sleek, they are beautifully crafted and incredibly sturdy. A+.

Finally, aside from the tourism and the outfit, I wanted to mention that I finally saw my little sister!! She's that super tan lady in the pics (please refrain yourself from the "cafĂ© au lait" jokes, I get that I'm super pale, I really get it, thanks) who I couldn't wait to see. With me living abroad and with her having an internship for the summer when I'm home, our schedules have definitely conflicted lately, but I finally got the chance to bug the heck out of hang out with her! A sisterly bond is one of the best bonds, don't you think?

So that's all for today, I will soon continue with my Lanzarote adventure! :)

- Ane

P.S: I finally booked my Chicago day-trip, I'll get there August 21st! Get ready bank account!


  1. That dress is so pretty! I definitely looked into buying it on Modcloth a couple weeks ago, it looks great on you!

    Seacoast to the South

    1. Thank you Emma! It's so sad it sold out, but Modcloth still has a huge selection!!

  2. Gorgeous prints! I love Maxis - they are perfect for summer
    Garland Girl

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! I know right? I love them!

  3. Gorgeous dress and your photos as well!