Thursday, August 27, 2015

Surfing the Web VI

Out and about with friends in Champaign!
Kaixo everyone!
My apologies for not being in touch as much lately, but grad school, moving, getting used to a new routine and everything else have had me soooo busy this week! In any case, I have taken my time to browse the webs and find some cool articles and videos! Check them out!

30 Things To Do Instead of Falling Back in Love: Great ideas for a life refresher. I have some of those in my mind now :)

How Privileged Are You?: Take this buzzfeed quiz, it will surprise you (or not). I believe that we have to be aware of our own privilege, because let's face it, we are privileged, and denying that is ignorant and ungrateful.

Win Against Slut-Shaming: When a young lady was shamed for her outfit in the London tube, an old lady stood up for her and won me over. Old lady FTW. Seriously though, a slut is someone who has sex for money, not a girl who wears whatever she wants.

Miami Heat Audition: OMG. When I saw how this guy SLAYED his audition I had to watch it 10 times over. I wish I was such a good dancer...

26 Underrated Apps Every Twentysomething Should Download Right Now: I'm not one to buy all the apps ever, I like to keep my iPhone clean and organized, but some of these are awesome!! Period tracker? Sleep control? Where to go to pee when watching a movie????? I'm sold.

Chicago in the 1970s: This is the most obnoxious promotion of Chicago ever. I wish it were a little more diverse, but it's still fun to see altogether. Chicago >>>> any other city.


- Ane

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