Thursday, July 2, 2015

"Rebajas" haul


As you all know, I am a Spanish and Basque TA and a linguist. As such, I feel an impending need to correct/teach/enlighten/etc. people about the languages. So now, "rebajas", that weird word from the title, means SALES. Unlike the US, where there are different sales events that are related to holidays like Memorial Day, Thanksgiving (Black Friday), etc., in Spain sales start January 6th and July 1st, sharp like a clock. And that's why my mom and I went out shopping, and oh boy were we successful!

This is a general (very amateurish) pic of what I got:

Clockwise from left:
Zara top: While not available online yet, this top is a must-have. Very similar to the Saint James tees, Zara offers striped, plain, patterned, etc. combinations for a very reasonable price. I own this one, and the white-navy and navy-white (really, both of them) versions.

Zara dress: This one is a showstopper. It looks like a traditional shift in the front, but it has this adorable frilly back. Combined with the navy gingham print, I'm sold! (aren't you?)

Styled by Vanity Youth

Zara ballet flats: With all due respect to the Tory Burch Revas (which I've heard are kinda uncomfortable), Zara flats always make the trick PLUS they are incredibly comfortable and classy as well.

Massimo Dutti scarf: Another proof of my obsession with navy right at your doorstep. I'll have to wait a little for lower temperatures (we've been boiling lately), but I can't wait to style it for any kind of occasion (I'm thinking of an airport OOTD, mind you).

Zara black jeans: Black jeans = staple. The ones linked are a little more faded in color, but you can find very similar ones in stores!

Zara necklace: Excuse me while I clap at it for being so damn pretty. A statement necklace can totally amp up a very neutral look, and for half the price off, it came home with me.

Rebajas just started, so I may end up buying some other things (my wallet is crying brb).

- Ane

P.S.: Amancio Ortega (the owner of these stores and the richest man of Spain) owes me big time. If Zara had a VIP membership system I'd be in the Top 10.


  1. I loved thy new acquisitions :)