Monday, July 13, 2015

Surfing the web II

Waiting for my delayed bus, Bilbao, July 2015
Excuse my grumpy face but I want to post it anyway because a) I had a very needed haircut and b) I'm wearing one of my favorite scarves, my Chicago Lilly Pulitzer murfee. Wake up #flawless. Well back to cool stuff I've found online:

- "Greek" Anniversary - Where are they now?: Tbt people, tbt. Greek was probably the first TV series that I made the effort to watch back to back (which is something that I do now non-stop, but I used to be weird, whatevs) when I was a sophomore in college. One of my best friends and I have three American dreams: 1) To be a cheerleader, 2) To go to prom with the hot quarterback and 3) To join a sorority. I think 3 was pretty much fueled by Greek (and Legally Blonde, Delta Nu forever). It's awesome to read that the actors of a show I loved so much are doing awesome (except, where is Rusty?)

SCOTUS decision on gay marriage not respected: I was overjoyed with the SCOTUS decision that makes all state prohibitions on gay marriage unconstitutional. About time, America. Seriously, as a catholic, I am ashamed of those catholics and Christians in general that refuse people's right to love. Like Kim Davis, county clerk of Rowan County who not only denied a marriage license to this couple, but also mistreated and humiliated them. This is a reminder that while the LAW is there in theory, bigotry still runs rampant in the US.

6 Steps to Treating the Pain of a Breakup: Truth to be told, I'm doing better. However, recent events have jeopardized this progress. In any case, I found this helpful, and if you are in the same situation, I believe you will as well. Reading about my problems is cathartic for me, how about you?

Greece: I'm sure you all have heard of what's going on in Greece, but if you are at loss, check out this timeline of Greece's (very, very shortened) history.

Españistán by Aleix Saló: Speaking of the economic crisis, this video is some years old, but it explains what happened in Spain (and still goes on, for unemployment is in record numbers at the moment) and why we were affected so badly by the global economy crisis. With English subtitles!

- We still don’t know how to talk about Pennsatucky: The reality of rural sexual assault and how class plays out in “Orange Is the New Black”: If you watch OITNB, you may have seen the episode where Pennsatucky is raped. Unlike in other shows (looking at ya, Game of Thrones), I think that OITNB portrayed rape in a very unique, very needed way. We can see how she feels throughout the terrible ordeal, the aftermath, etc. OITNB has raised discussion on many issues like transgender phobia, but no discussion has started about the proliferation of sexual assault in the American countryside. This is worth a read.

That's all for today! Hope you are entertained!

- Ane

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