Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Surfing the web III

Cider Day with friends in Hondarribia (Spain)

Kaixo lovelies! Summer and being sick (my throat is killing me) means too much free time, too much internet and too much Sims 3 for me. Not that I'm complaining, but my tan is lacking. Anyway, these are some cool articles and/or videos that I found while doing nothing.

11 Messages Of Female Empowerment From Women in Hollywood: Who run the world? GIRLS. For those days when you feel insecure, ugly and a plethora of bad feelings about yourself, take a break, watch this video and remember that you are a beautiful unique individual who is no less than a man.

A proposal done right: I may sound sappy but proposal videos make me tear up every single time. This one, specially, went straight to my heart. It was heartfelt, sweet and special. Props to Tyler. I'm sure Greg would've said yes.

Contouring for lazy women: Bring out your inner Kim K with this. I gotta admit I ALWAYS use the same products and make up routine, but I've been wanting to try contouring without looking stupid. Has anyone tried this product?

Is Kylie Jenner starting a beauty blog??: The first secret I want to know is who her make up artist. But really, it'd be nice to see what products she uses, and if a flawless face is even possible (or it's all photoshopped).

How being heartbroken was the best thing to ever happen to me: Some of you may wonder why I mention my break up so much here. It's not the kind of thing people like to talk about. But doing so is so cathartic. When I saw this TED talk, I felt related, and I saw that better days are approaching, slowly but surely.

Any other interesting vids, articles, etc. for me to check out?


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