Monday, June 29, 2015

White Espadrilles (Under 100$!)


I hope everyone is having a nice weekend! Here in the Basque Country we are awaiting the highest temperatures in a looong while (100ยบ in such a humid climate is just wonderf... please get me out of here). I always have trouble finding cute shoes for summer because they either look bad on me or they are not appropriate for humidity.

But fret no more Ane, for espadrilles come to thy rescue! Seriously, espadrilles are the perfect summer shoe: Breathable, incredibly comfortable and lately, very in style! It's the perfect trifecta! Espadrilles have been very popular in the Basque Country since the dawn of times, but they were always white or black, and now you can find them in a million patterns, colors and cuts. I personally believe that if you are going to invest on some nice espadrilles, they need to have a neutral color, and that's why white espadrilles are my go-to.

However, when I mean invest, I mean not spending more than 100$. Espadrilles wear out easily and they can break with a little rain and you don't want to spend your paycheck in some Chanel espadrilles that won't last much (unless you are a trust fund kid, then go ahead buy obnoxiously priced shoes and post them to RKOI. Love it hate it).

Here my summer picks:

Clockwise from left:
Zara: A modern twist on the espadrille, with so sought after tassels!
Massimo Dutti: For a more polished look, get these beauties with a leather touch.
Soludos: Classic, sturdy white espadrilles.
ASOS: Breathable, almost identical alternative to Tory Burch/Chanel/any other brand espadrilles.
Forever 21: If you wanna be a boho princess, get these. (Cheaper than the TOMS ones!)

Any other suggestions, let me know! :)

- Ane


  1. OR buy the soles at Pontejos in Madrid (€6.50) and create your own customized espadrilles!!! Forthcoming on MY blog haha!

    1. I wish I could link the ones I bought by Sol... You have to teach me how to do that plz <3