Monday, June 15, 2015

Earrings: Basics


I gotta confess something. I would buy a million tops, dresses and shoes, but I only wear the same pair of earrings. I have always tried to open up to different possibilities, dangling, hoops, different colors, but I always end up wearing the same ones, silver Kate Spade studs, which you can buy here. I find that silver goes the best with my milky white skin color, and I end up going for silver colored jewelry. I have been wearing the same earrings, watch, bracelets, etc. forever now, and I am thinking of getting a new pair of earrings. Here are my picks:

Kate Spade New York, 48$

Tory Burch, 78$

Kendra Scott, 60$

Nadri, 38$

Cannot wait to get these babies. Or at least one of them.

- Ane

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