Monday, June 19, 2017

Another Year, Another Lilly Agenda

Kaixo everyone,

Y'all, it's that time of the year again. It's time to choose my agenda for next year, and lo and behold, I cannot choose which to buy. No news. I have had a Lilly Pulitzer agenda since 2014. My first Lilly agenda was probably my favorite grad school purchase. Grad school can be gloomy with all the challenges, work and long hours, and having a splash of color in your backpack is definitely a little lifeline. In fact, whenever I was bored in class (oops!), I used to organize my planner (guilty as charged). I crowded it with stickers mainly, lol.

My agenda is definitely an important part of grad school, and choosing which one to use for the entire school year is essential. While I think Kate Spade agendas are really professional and have beautiful covers, they are a little gloomy for me. Maybe it's a sign I'm not ready to grow up yet? Possibly.

In spite of my current relationship with Lilly Pulitzer, I still consider myself loyal to Lilly planners. I've had the Peelin' Out for 2014-2015, Wild Confetti for 2015-2016 and Southern Charm for 2016-2017, and I've loved these planners with all my heart.

As you can see, they are all quite different, but they have some things in common: All three have busy prints, flowers (and they are not Tusk in the Sun because for heaven's sake Lilly, not everyone likes that print!). They are all large agendas, and I feel this size is the most practical for me. It fits my backpack nicely and gives me enough space for everything I write in it, which is quite a handful.

For this year's prints, I loved the Beach and Bae print. It has sailboats and it reminds me of my Ali dress in Out to Sea. Unfortunately, this print is only found in the Jumbo version, and it's too much for me, considering that aside from French and Catalan, I'm not taking classes this year. Thus, my favorite options are the following:

Gypsea, 30$
Sparkling Sands, 30$
They are both busy prints, no elephants, but only Gypsea has flowers. However, Sparkling Sands has more colors. I am SO TORN. I found Kate's review of the large agendas at Lonestar Southern really funny and helpful, but I felt I could relate to almost all the aspects she outlined for each agenda! I am definitely going to need to see some IRL pictures of these two to make my final decision. Your help is also appreciated! Which one do you like best? If you have chosen one, which did you choose?


- Ane

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