Monday, December 19, 2016

Cyber Monday Turn Of Events & Reflecting On It

Kaixo everyone,

Remember that beautiful tote I was supposed to get... Well LOL. Lilly Pulitzer used clickbait yet again. I honestly do not know how I was that weak to fall for it. I was not particularly enchanted with anything (still not enchanted with any of the new stuff either), but seeing *FREE* in flashing lights and all the hype in different Lilly Facebook groups, I fell to it. And as many others, I did not receive the tote.

Now, the tote was a mystery gift offered at 12pm Eastern Time and was going on for an hour. I ordered it at 23:05 Central Time, yet I received a pair of earrings. They are definitely pretty, but neither what I wanted nor what I expected. I did have some exchanges with Customer Service (including one with a rather rude representative) on the topic, and well, since the package arrived two weeks late, the only thing I had to ask the representative was to avoid marking which present we would be getting and just referring to it as a mystery gift.

At first I was mad, but then I started to reflect on it and I felt really ungrateful and mean. Why would I be mad that a free present was not the one that I wanted? A family could've bought dinner with the money I spent. I could have donated that money to charity. I could have saved it up for a future project. I bought a phone case and got a free wine tote and free earrings. I didn't get a bag, but I have similar bags that I use and could use instead. Heck I have a ton of earrings!

There were many angry ladies on those Lilly Facebook pages, including myself. However, this incident will not change the course of my life, and it has given me some perspective. Objects are not everything, which is difficult to forget when you live in such a capitalistic society. A tote won't change my life or make it happier. Coffee with friends, a chat with the fam and other everyday moments 100% make up for it.

Plus I'm not that into flamingos anyway. ;)


- Ane

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