Monday, November 28, 2016

Cyber Monday Success!

Kaixo everyone,

I could elaborate a post about why I haven't posted since April, but I'd rather let y'all know how successful my Cyber Monday was this year! Last year, I got this beautiful Tory Burch wallet that I have been using non-stop since with an almost 30% discount from Bloomingdales:

Similar here

This year, I did not WANT to spend any money, as I had done some damage the week before in a day-trip to Chicago. However, the unthinkable happened. Two unthinkable things, actually:

1) Tory Burch 30% off: As per usual, the Tory Burch webpage sale was supposed to be applied to everything except for the coveted pieces that pretty much everyone has: The Miller sandals, the Minnie sandals, etc. are NEVER included. Like never ever.  During their Black Friday week deals, the lady at the Chicago store told me that the Light Oak Minnies were not included in the spend 250$, get 30% off sale.

However, this time it said "select colors not included." Also, this time it was 30% off no matter the price range, so I was going to get some earrings. Nevertheless, I was curious about those "select colors." I added the Minnie Light Oak flats to the shopping basket, added the code and... HOLY MOLLY! 70$ off! I have been coveting this particular shoe and color for quite some time, and suddenly, the doors opened. These shoes were not included in the birthday 50$ off deal, so I took a deep breath, and took the plunge. These babies are on my way! :D

Find them here

2) Lilly Pulitzer Cyber FunDay: I'm not gonna lie. Lilly Pulitzer has been letting me down for quite some time. I do not think it has to do with the prints, they are darling, but I think my style is evolving to something a little more demure and less wild. These shifts in style happen to everyone, and I am sure that this will change in a couple of months. Also, it is too damn cold for resort weather in Illinois. No 365 days of summer up here, ya feel? (I would like to take this opportunity to plead Lilly for actual winter clothes, thanks pink gods, xo)

Their Cyber Monday promotion in the last years has been a different gift with purchase every hour. I knew from checking in different Lilly Pulitzer Facebook groups that this year there would be 3 gifts during the day, but while studying at the library, I kept seeing that they were doing that promotion + extra hourly gifts. Nothing was particularly convincing, maybe an iPhone 6s case? Earrings? None of the gifts with purchase seemed to be worthy, though. UNTIL midnight EST. Mystery gift, and I'm here like huh? Luckily, the groups mentioned before were fast. I read "Gimme Some Leg," added the following phone case:

Buy it here
Got this wine tote and...

And finally looked at the mystery gift. What could it be? Gimme Some Leg, it must have been the new color way. So I copy-pasted the code of the mystery gift on Google and...

Y'ALL. THIS BAD B*TCH. FO FREE. No 68$, but 0 dollars. FO SHO I GOT IT. The time is unfortunately up for you to get it, but if you don't want to miss out, you can purchase it here.

I am really happy I was so successful this year, and I hope next year will top it off! As for my absence, I will fully explain it in a post (hopefully) soon. Many things (mostly good :D) have happened these months, and I cannot wait to let you all know.

All the best,

- Ane

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