Sunday, April 3, 2016

*Artsy* or how I recreated a Pinterest project

Kaixo everyone!

I have been wanting to share my first craft from Pinterest *cue the excitement* that I completed during the weekend after Valentine's Day. All my friends left for Chicago so I had the apartment all for myself. I took that weekend off to watch movies and be creative, so I took up this Pinterest project and made it mine!


You will need the following materials:
- Mason Jars
- Acrylic paint tubes of the color of your choice
- A painting brush
- Flowers

I got all of this at Hobby Lobby except for the brush, which I got in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The instructions were pretty simple in the original blog I read it, but I gotta say, it was not as easy as I would have thought!

The tube colors I chose were pink, yellow and green, which go perfectly well with the new wall decorations we have in our living room. The first thing I did was to squirt a third of the tubes into the mason jars. Once this was done, I put back the lids and shook the jars like shake weights. This way, instead of painting the outside, the paint goes inside for a nicer, glossier finish.

I thought that a third would be more than enough, but it turned out not to. There were many spots unpainted, so I decided to get the brush and start applying more paint.

With the brush and squeezing a little more paint inside the jars, I got to cover all the surface of the glass from the inside. The next step then, was to put the mason jars upside down to dry without the lids. I put many layers of paper that came with the mason jars for the excess paint to fall on them.

The original craft mentioned that the paint inside would be dry overnight, but alas! It took one week to dry, which I think is because I basically ended up using the entire tube for perfect coverage of the jars. So lastly, I bend the long stem of the flowers (which are fake) and put them inside the jars, and ta-da!

The project turned out to be very cute and inexpensive, and now graces our poor grad student living room! I chose not to get real flowers because that would mean getting a setting spray for the paint not to dissolve with water, and that could happen regardless of the use of the spray!

I am honestly very proud of this small craft. I decided to take some time for myself and doing it, and it was an awesome experience. I may take up crafting in the future! ;)

Now you tell me! Do you like arts and crafts? Have you done any particular crafts that you are proud of? Let me know!

- Ane


  1. Those are so cute and such fantastic spring decorations! So jealous that you were able to successfully recreate something from Pinterest - every time I attempt anything, it is a complete disaster!

    xx, Caitlin

    1. Oh believe me, I am completely useless when it comes to crafts, I feel your pain! Thank you for visiting!!

  2. Yaya, I'm so excited to see your posts again!!! I absolutely love arts and crafts and I have to hold myself back from doing one like every weekend... haha.
    XO Alyson |

    1. Awww Alyson you're the cutest!! I really enjoyed doing this, I might try doing something else! :)