Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Surfing the Web VII

My lovely friends and I on a night out

Kaixo ladies and gents,
I'm back with another series of Surfing the Web! Lately I've been on my computer a lot (homework, planning my future, etc.) and I've found some cool bits and pieces to share with you!

12 Struggles of Having an Outgoing Personality but an Anxious Mind: Story of my life. I have read multiple articles on anxiety but this was spot on. I tend to overthink everything, and it makes my life more difficult, but it's A OK.

Modcloth Retires the Plus Labeling: This is just fantastic guys. The average woman is far away from the "regular" sizes, why should she be shamed to being considered overweight? Props to Modcloth (plus they have adorable stuff!)

And the best lifestyle and fashion app this September is...: The Lilly Pulitzer app! I got it right when it was out, and so far I love it. I haven't done any purchases on my phone (I may be a tad scared of doing that), but the app is super lively and I love checking out the new arrivals there, plus the print section. How about some games though, Lilly? My inner 2048/Tetris/Mario player/nerd needs some sweet colorful games.

Badass Paramedic Assists the Injured like this: Um, Sarah, you homegurl are my hero. Plus you look flawless. 10/10. I hope you and Paul have a blessed, badass life like you are.

This Professor's Response to Cubs Fan: I really, really want to know who Dave is. This heaven on earth-like professor here at the University of Illinois postponed his student's final for A CUBS GAME. It was the wild card game, true. But holy crap I've never seen this happen. Now, as a TA here at U of I, if one of my kiddos asks me something like this, what should I do?

The Talking Phase is Ruining My Life: This happens way too many times and needs to stop. Fuckbois go away!

Great "Bad" Engagement Pictures: Relationship goals right there.

Should you treat yo self? Self explanatory.

Any cool internet articles/videos/cat pictures that I should check out?

- Ane

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  1. That engagement photo though...hahaha!