Monday, September 14, 2015

Writer's Block

Kaixo everyone,

Well this is weird to write, but I don't know what to do. I am by no means deleting this blog, but I haven't posted in a long while. I feel that my life is too hectic at the moment to think about posts, do photoshoots, etc. I have thought of doing a schedule, like Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, or Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays. But, when to find time to prepare posts? A day before? Right before posting?

I would like to hear your opinion. How do you handle writer's block and a demanding schedule? Do you have any systems to make it work? How do you find motivation?


- Ane


  1. Hey Ane! I have also been very busy ever since school has started. A way that I've been trying to keep ahead is by planning out my post ahead of time. I typically designate Sunday afternoon for making sure I have everything done and planned for the upcoming week. If you want any more inspiration or anything feel free to email me ( I'd love to chat!!
    xo, Syd

    1. Thank you Syd, I'll probably find a time of the week to do it, for sure! :)

  2. I completely understand your struggle! I've been trying very hard to get posts out but my schedule often doesn't leave me time to do so! I would also recommend scheduling posts ahead of time but I honestly don't do it! I try a section of a portion of time to write a blog post about whatever I'm feeling at the moment. For example, I'd write a post about organization because I was into organizing that day or about something I found interesting from class that day. Even though my method probably isn't the best, I like it because I'm being real with my readers about what I'm feeling in my posts. Email me at if you have questions for coming up with ideas or check out my blog at to see my post about creativity/inspiration!

    Best of Luck!

    1. I really like your system Cat! I'll try it as well, thank you! :)