Sunday, September 27, 2015

Last Lanzarote recap


Soooo with school and crossing oceans and life and moving and writer's block and yada yada yada I have not been able to finish my Lanzarote trip's recap! I know, it's terrible. I have to start a managing my time and including time for blogging, because this is out of control. In any case, let me tell you about some other cool places I visited while in Lanzarote:

- Timanfaya National Park: This national park is a volcanic area (which is not dormant!!) where they take you on a bus tour around all the volcanic formations, craters, etc. It's seriously out of this world, mainly because it looks like the moon. I rode the bus with my dear mom and it was a blast. After that, they showed us how with the lava and heat under the soil they can actually cook potatoes (they're super into them there, I don't blame them though) and create a geyser. Unfortunately, it was full of tourists with their cameras ready to take a picture, and some people can be 8ft tall and not give a damn about people who actually want to see it behind them. Don't be that tourist.

Any suggestions on how NOT to pose like an idiot?

After visiting that, we did one of my favorite parts of the trip. We rode camels. Yes, real life camels. And let me tell you, it was one of the most hilarious things I've ever done. Not only the way the camel's movement sways you is crazy, but the camel herder (does that concept even exist?) was a hilarious guy. I did this when I was a 1-year-old, and since my memory is not that powerful, it was awesome to repeat it and actually be aware of it.

- Fuerteventura: This is an island south of Lanzarote that we took a ferry to. We drove to the southernmost point of the island because they had recommended us some beaches there, but honestly, I could've done without them. It was too windy, the water was too cold and I felt like the sand that the wind was carrying was actually hurting me. In any case, we ended up going to a big dune on our way back (by the north of the island) and it was an absolute blast to jump down the dune and run up and repeat. Awesome.

- Isla de la Graciosa: Another island, except this one is teeny-tiny and it's north of Lanzarote. We took another ferry and rode bikes to the north of the island and back in a record time! Go us! The ferry ride was my favorite, the water was pretty rough and it went up and down like a roller coaster. I don't know if I'm too reckless or too unaware of the potential danger but it was too much fun to start adulting right at that moment, sorry.

It was awesome to relax with my loved ones, and I hope to go back soon. Also soon, my NYC recap! It definitely was an eventful trip, so you won't wanna miss that!


- Ane

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