Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tory Burch Spring Sale - SHOES Edition

Kaixo everyone,

Accessory-wise, I'm the most disappointing shopaholic in the planet. I own 5 handbags. I always wear the same pearls everyday, except when I'm feeling daring and I wear my Kendra Scott Danielle earrings. I've been wearing the same watch for five years, and my bracelets range from my Phi Mu Alex & Ani bracelet, Tory Burch double strap bracelet and a J Crew bracelet for when I'm feeling fancy. I watch other bloggers' earring/bracelet/handbag collections and I break out in hives just thinking if there is enough of a lifetime to wear all of those at least once.

However, #shoegamestrong. I am a sucker for ballet flats, sandals, sneakers, chunky heels and wedges. When I go shopping, my purchase always includes a white T-shirt (cue my mom: "You have too many!") and a pair of shoes. When I dream about my future home, I always think of Mariah Carey's shoe room. 

Or Imelda Marcos (link up because #culture), the 10th first lady of the Philippines, who is known for having over a 1,000 pairs of shoes, and fishy off-shore accounts. Fair for her husband's constituents? No. Good example to follow? Probably not. Did she have too many shoes? The limit does not exist.

So going with Friday's post, I also wanted to round up some shoes I'd loooove to wear. Now again, these are not shoes I would consider investing in (Millers anyone? They are the best), but a girl can dream, am I right?

So clockwise from left to right:
Maritime Ankle Strap Ballet Flats: It's like actual BALLET flats in navy! I love navy, and ballet flats, and I used to do ballet (chubbiest kid in 4th grade hollah), so these would be absolutely perfect for me.
Sinclair Embellished Sandals: I am going to be honest, the squarish sole is not my favorite. But the bright orange color and the gilded accents really are awesome!
Maritime Pump: Maritime, the name says it all. I could imagine myself walking with these close to the marina in St Tropez before Valentino forbids my boarding onto his yatch for not being the perfect shade of Cheeto-Orange tan. Too bad.
-Shaw Espadrille Flats: These are probably my favorite. I am quite against buying expensive espadrilles because let's face it, it rains and they're done with. However, I would gladly accept them as a present (shout out to my teeny-tiny readership, maybe one of you can be my mecenas!).
Blossom Flip Flops: The color-block effect is super cool, and they might be the cheapest of all of these shoes so win-win.
Patos Ankle Strap Sandals: These are probably the most wearable of the list. The ankle strap ensures that they will not dance in your feet, which is a must for me.

Now what do y'all think? Which would be your pick?


- Ane

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